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2016 Queensland Tax Forum

Published on 18 Aug 2016 | Took place at Brisbane Marriott Hotel, Brisbane, QLD

This event covered some of the following topics:

  • trusts and trust losses - everything you need to know
  • topical M&A in the tropics
  • expatriates and international assignees - a tax guide for an employer’s first time
  • economic insight
  • state taxes
  • changing times in international tax.

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Individual sessions

Tax issues for distressed times

Author(s):  Evan Last,  Bede Cunningham

This paper covers:

  • preserving debt deductions
  • franking account health check
  • loss recoupment.
Materials from this session:

Business tax considerations in a global economy

Author(s):  Greg TRAVERS

This paper covers:

  • understanding the basics
  • choice of structure and drivers.
Materials from this session:

Transitioning to retirement with an eye on super

Author(s):  Chris WYETH,  Neal DALLAS

This paper covers:

  • transitioning to the next generation
  • Division 152 issues
  • contribution strategies
  • pensions
  • what if retirement doesn’t work out? the implications of transitioning back to the workforce.
Materials from this session:

Tax reform and policy for an economy in transition

Author(s):  Roger Brake

This presentation covers several charts including:

  • evolution of IMF forecasts of global growth
  • medium term growth potential
  • growth in working age populations
  • global inflation
  • real GDP growth.
Materials from this session:

Trusts – When all else fails … read the instructions

Author(s):  Damian O'CONNOR

This paper covers:

  • the trustee
  • beneficiaries
  • trustee powers & duties
  • dealing with capital and income
  • vesting
  • amendments, variations & resettlements.
Materials from this session:

Small business restructure rollover

Author(s):  Dung LAM,  Mark WEST,  Alex Whitney

This paper covers:

  • what conditions must be satisfied to claim the SBR rollover?
  • what are the consequences of the SBR rollover applying?
  • genuine restructure of an ongoing business
  • ultimate economic ownership
  • consideration for the transfer
  • when would you use this SBR rollover?
Materials from this session:

How to approach a transaction – Interacting with the ATO

Author(s):  Brendon Lamers

This paper covers:

  • reorganisation as part of a transaction
  • mitigating against process risks
  • specific Issues arising out of the nature of investors
  • the ATO’s views on topical transaction issues.
Materials from this session:

Expatriates and international assignees – A tax guide for an employer’s first time

Author(s):  Hayley Lock,  Melissa Rowbottom

This paper covers:

  • international tax framework
  • outbound from Australia – key considerations
  • inbound to Australia – key considerations.
Materials from this session:

Employee share schemes in an emerging economy

Author(s):  Stephen HOLMES

This paper covers:

  • key concepts
  • upfront taxation
  • tax deferral plans
  • start-up concession
  • upfront/deferral trade off
  • other issues to consider
  • other atrategies that could be used in the SME space.
Materials from this session:

Global economy - Turning or tipping point?

Author(s):  Darryl Conroy

This presentation covers:

  • secular stagnation
  • term of trade
  • inequality
  • housing.
Materials from this session:

Part IVA: Dominant purpose - An analysis of the eight factors

Author(s):  Anthony PORTAS

This paper covers:

  • an overview of Part IVA
  • the 2013 changes to Part IVA
  • the dominant purpose test: some historic context
  • the dominant purpose test: high level principles
  • the dominant purpose test: 8 factor analysis
  • the dominant purpose test: some other observations.
Materials from this session:

Division 7A and UPEs – Where are we at and where are we going?

Author(s):  Linda Tapiolas

This paper covers:

  • Division 7A and where we are now?
  • common Division 7A issues
  • post-implementation review by the Board of Taxation (where we may be going).
Materials from this session:

Tax transparency is here to stay

Author(s):  Ann-Maree Wolff

This paper covers:

  • why the Code was developed
  • which entities are impacted by the Code?
  • development process
  • early adoption mechanism.
Materials from this session:

Tax transparency is here to stay

Author(s):  Andrew Porter

This presentation covers:

  • the issue
  • the usual suspects
  • country by country reporting.
Materials from this session: