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2016 Vic Property Intensive

Published on 26 Oct 2016 | Took place at Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne, VIC

The following issues were covered in this event:

  • foreign investors: including FIRB requirements, the expansion of the foreign owner duty and land tax surcharge provisions and the CGT withholding rules
  • the capital/revenue dichotomy where no business is being conducted: the answer may not be what you thought
  • state taxation developments: including guidance from the Supreme Court about economic entitlements and recent developments in relation to primary production exemption and exemptions for distributions from trusts to beneficiaries
  • GST and property developments: the due diligence list of issues that could save a lot of pain later
  • the importance of getting the development agreement right
  • utilising SMSF capital for property investment.

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Individual sessions

Capital v income dichotomy when profit making by sale not as profitable as first thought!

Author(s):  Leigh BARING

This paper covers:

  • taxation of profits on the aale of land: the general principles
  • carrying on a business
  • profit-making by sale
  • section 15-15.
Materials from this session:

Structuring real estate within an SMSF

Author(s):  Philip BRODERICK

This paper covers:

  • stop the press – how do the proposed new super laws change investing via SMSFs
  • SMSFs investing in property via unit trusts
  • structuring and limited recourse borrowing arrangements
  • issues with related party dealings.
Materials from this session:

GST due diligence checklist for property owners and developers

Author(s):  John HAIG

This paper covers:

  • basic legislative context
  • enterprise
  • partnerships, trusts and “entities”
  • registration - required and voluntary
  • residential premises
  • supply of a going concern
  • farmland
  • Division 135 increasing adjustments.
Materials from this session:

A whole new world of state taxes

Author(s):  Rachel O'Donnell,  Zoe CHUNG

This paper covers:

  • stamp duty surcharges
  • land tax surcharges
  • economic entitlements - the BPG experience
  • trust distributions
  • primary production exemptions.
Materials from this session: