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2017 International Masterclass

Published on 21 Sep 2017 | Took place at Primus Hotel Sydney, Sydney, NSW

This event was presented by leading international tax experts and provided an understanding of the continuing changes in the international tax arena relating to Australia. The event consisted of detailed presentations and discussions of recent changes and developments, with a focus on the practical impact of such changes and the commercial issues that arise.

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Individual sessions

Supply chains into Australia

Author(s):  Brett Gilshenan,  Michael Anderson,  Christian Chan

This paper covers:

  • technical framework for supply chains into Australia
  • tangible goods – traditional distributor model
  • tangible goods – traditional manufacturer
  • tangible goods – centralised manufacturer
  • digital – centralised sales hub
  • digital – post-MAAL structure.
Materials from this session:

Are all of your overseas subsidiaries really non-residents?

Author(s):  Sarah HICKEY,  Bianca Wood

This paper covers:

  • the Bywater decision
  • carrying on a business in Australia
  • is ‘central management and control’ controlled by shareholders who are residents of Australia
  • practically demonstrating central management and control and the ATO administrative approach.
Materials from this session:

Key considerations impacting expats and inpats

Author(s):  Terry Hoban

This paper covers:

  • inbound to Australia – key considerations
  • outbound from Australia – key considerations
  • recent developments.


Materials from this session:

Multilateral instrument and treaties

Author(s):  Richard J VANN,  Steven GUO

This paper covers:

  • multilateral instrument to implement treaty-related BEPS measures
  • mandatory binding treaty arbitration
  • other BEPS developments 2016-2017
  • diverted profits tax.
Materials from this session:

International issues arising - Employee share plans

Author(s):  Sandra BUTH,  Richard WILSON

This presentation covers:

  • taxation of ESS in Australia
  • taxation for international employees
  • internationally mobile employees
  • double taxation and how to minimise it
  • compliance tips and hot topics.
Materials from this session:

Diverted profits tax

Author(s):  Jarrod Thomas,  Alia Lum,  Nick Maley

This presentation covers:

  • diverted profits tax
  • key requirements
  • sufficient economic substance test
  • DPT consequences
  • guidance products to achieve certainty
  • transfer pricing benefit vs tax benefit.
Materials from this session: