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2017 SA Estate & Business Succession Planning Day

Published on 15 Sep 2017 | Took place at Adelaide Convention Centre, SA

This event heard from South Australia’s leading advisors and tax specialists as they addressed real world estate and business succession planning issues and opportunities.

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Individual sessions

Preparing your business for sale: “Laying it all bare”

Author(s):  Alistair Hutson,  Michael Johns

This paper covers:

  • preparing your business for sale
  • key considerations in getting accounting and tax records in order for sale
  • income tax implications of pre-sale restructuring
  • income tax implications of share versus asset sale, including retirement outcomes 
  • who is the buyer?
  • commercial factors to consider – tips for making the deal.




Materials from this session:

Things tax practitioners should know about share and business valuations

Author(s):  Hugh MCPHARLIN

This paper covers:

  • valuations are carried out within a framework
  • valuations of business shares and other non-listed equity
  • valuation methodologies
  • minority interests.
Materials from this session:

Succession planning – The superannuation issues

Author(s):  Peter SLEGERS,  Nicole SANTINON,  Josh Pascale,  Daniel Marateo

This paper covers:

  • use of the CGT cap
  • superannuation death benefits planning.
Materials from this session:

Due diligence

Author(s):  Sean VAN DER LINDEN

This presentation covers:

  • key objectives of tax due diligence, and when to undertake it
  • determining the scope
  • vendor tax due diligence
  • interaction of due diligence with the SPA
  • common pitfalls – private groups.
Materials from this session:

Documenting succession arrangements

Author(s):  Ben WILSON,  Josh Cosoff

This paper covers:

  •  sale agreements
  • common drafting considerations
  • transfer of assets
  • shareholders agreements
  • estate planning documents.
Materials from this session:

Setting the scene

Author(s):  Julie VAN DER VELDE

This presentation covers:

  • no one likes planning for their own death
  • many don’t like planning for retirement
  • family business
  • clients
  • superannuation.
Materials from this session:

The deal is done – What next?

Author(s):  Brett ZIMMERMANN

This presentation covers:

  • some disposal basics
  • earnouts
  • Subdiv 122-A Rollover
  • when is a pre-CGT asset not a pre-CGT asset – Div 149?
  • pre-CGT shares or trust interests – CGT event K6
  • pre-sale dividend strip.
Materials from this session: