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2018 WA Tax Intensive

Published on 08 Nov 2018 | Took place at Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, WA

This event covers the following topics:

  • trusts – vesting, ruling from the grave, splitting, cloning, umbrella & master trusts & more!
  • valuations in the tax arena: methodologies, tax implications and recent legal cases
  • private company capital management – extracting value from a company
  • succession of a super fund
  • Part IVA analysis: practical examples.

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Individual sessions

Trusts: Vesting, ruling from the grave, splitting, cloning, umbrella and master trusts, and more!

Author(s):  Michael BUTLER

This paper covers:

  • rule against perpetuities
  • what happens when vesting day reached?
  • extending the vesting day
  • what if vesting day has passed?
  • can you “rule from the grave” in SA?
  • splitting & cloning trusts
  • umbrella trusts
  • master trusts.


Materials from this session:

Masterclass –Valuations in the tax arena: Methodologies, tax implications and recent legal cases

Author(s):  Nicki Ivory

This presentation covers:

  • why is valuation relevant?
  • market valuation for tax – concept and definitions
  • valuation methodology and approach
  • valuation tips and traps
  • learnings from recent tax cases.
Materials from this session:

Masterclass – Part IVA analysis: Practical examples

Author(s):  Jonathan Woodger

This presentation covers:

  • policy - why GAARs?
  • law - survey of recent developments
  • procedure -the ATO and the GAAR panel
  • practical examples.
Materials from this session:

Private company capital management – Extracting value from a company

Author(s):  David MARSCHKE

This paper covers:

  • getting money out of cashbox companies
  • dividends and franking credits strategies
  • loan arrangements and utilising Division 7A secured and unsecured loans
  • dividend access shares: associated entities – current state of play
  • capital reductions, including share cancellation and share buybacks
  • earn-out structures
  • funding the sell down.
Materials from this session:

Masterclass - Succession of a super fund

Author(s):  Laura HANRAHAN

This paper covers:

  • controlling superannuation
  • controlling death benefit payments
  • impact of transfer balance cap
  • case law
  • blended family issues.
Materials from this session: