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2019 Queensland Tax Forum

Published on 30 May 2019 | Took place at Stamford Plaza, Brisbane, QLD

This event covered technical sessions delivered by experts, to provide attendees with the practical insights to respond to this complex world. From residency, to capital and revenue distinctions, with a plenary session on valuations, the technical program tackled core tax matters providing fresh insights and responding to the latest changes.

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Individual sessions

Defining Australia’s tax base

Author(s):  Paul Mills

This paper covers:

  • corporate tax residency
  • additional implications of residency status
  • taxing rights pursuant to DTA.



Materials from this session:

Indirect tax for inbound investors

Author(s):  Melanie Shaw,  Katrina PARKYN

This paper covers:

  • key differences between duty on direct acquisitions and indirect acquisitions, foreign purchaser surcharge duty and land tax
  • stamp duty traps on common commercial transactions.


Materials from this session:

Queensland duty: Tips, tricks and traps

Author(s):  Rosalie Cattermole,  Sam MOHAMMAD

This presentation covers:

  • transfer duty
  • dutiable property
  • dutiable value
  • landholder duty
  • corporate trustee duty.
Materials from this session:

The changing nature of double tax treaties

Author(s):  Rhiain Garrihy,  Chris Stewart

This paper covers:

  • recent case law
  • multilateral instrument.


Materials from this session:

Commercial risk vs tax risk in M&A: Tips & traps for young players

Author(s):  Katrina Piva ,  Sally NEWMAN

This presentation covers:

  • preparing the entity for sale
  • transaction structure
  • contract negotiation
  • key tax risks
  • warranties & indemnities.
Materials from this session:

Revenue valuations: practical tips for avoiding disputes where possible and winning them where necessary

Author(s):  Philip BISSET,  Megan Raynal,  Danie van Aswegen

This presentation covers:

  • standards of value
  • importance of providing correct instructions
  • what are the tax authorities looking for?



Materials from this session:

Tips for minimising the impact of divorce on your business

Author(s):  Justine WOODS

This paper covers:

  • family law and tax consequences of relationship breakdowns and the impact on business partners
  • stamp duty implications
  • operational business finance
  • deemed dividends and Division 7A
  • preparing shareholders, unit holders and partnership agreements to anticipate relationship breakdowns
  • case studies.
Materials from this session:

Trusts: Revisiting distribution issues

Author(s):  Daniel SMEDLEY

This paper covers:

  • revisiting “income of the trust estate” and s 95 net income
  • reclassification of income
  • streaming of income & capital
  • reassessment of assessable income
  • issues arising when preparing resolutions noting the trust deed
  • “distributions” in the context of family trust distributions tax
  • ineffective circular resolutions
  • ever-present s100A reimbursement agreement issues.
Materials from this session:

Year-end tax planning

Author(s):  Thomas TULLEY

This presentation covers:

  • trading stock
  • capital allowances
  • company tax rates
  • Division 7A
  • CGT small business concessions
  • superannuation.
Materials from this session:


Author(s):  Susan Bell

This paper covers:

  • practical compliance guide’s
  • tax determinations and rulings
  • law companion rulings
  • hybrid integrity measures.
Materials from this session:

Professional practices

Author(s):  John Ioannou

This paper covers:

  • income from personal exertion versus income from property
  • reconciling the ATO view with the legislation
  • PSI rules and professional practices
  • a milestone moment – service entities
  • the second milestone - ATO interest on income earned in so-called partnerships
  • Everett assignments
  • incorrect implementation of restructures.
Materials from this session:

Technical landmines in corporate transactions

Author(s):  Muhunthan KANAGARATNAM,  Julian LIAN

This paper covers:

  • the “nothing else” rule for demergers and certain capital gains tax roll-overs
  • the “single arrangement” rule in scrip for scrip roll-overs
  • the perennial issue of pre-sale dividends
  • navigating the public offer test for debt raisings
  • landmines concerning employee share schemes.
Materials from this session: