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2020 National Superannuation Online Conference

Published on 10 Sep 2020 | Took place at Online, National

This program brought together regulators and leading practitioners from the legal, accounting, audit and financial advisory services fields of the superannuation industry to discuss tax and related challenges and the opportunities that these will bring.

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Individual sessions

ATO presentation – Issues for large funds

Author(s):  Nadia Alfonsi

This presentation covers:

  • engaging with the ATO
  • top 1000 super fund findings
  • where to from here
  • tax transparency code.
Materials from this session:

Legislative and regulatory update

Author(s):  Peter BURGESS

This presentation covers:

  • COVID-19 relief measures
  • enacted changes
  • announced but not yet law
  • other developments.
Materials from this session:

Emerging developments – Large funds

Author(s):  Kimberley Christy,  Prashanthen Ranjit KUMAR

This paper covers:

  • implications from Burton’s Case and other issues affecting foreign income tax offset claims
  • the Board of Tax Review of capital gains tax rollovers
  • non-arm’s length expenditure
  • amendments to the hybrid mismatch rules
  • capitalisation of labour expenses.
Materials from this session:

Current US tax issues for large Australian superannuation funds

Author(s):  Landon McGrew,  Angela Norton,  Peter Oliver,  Michael Plowgian

This presentation covers:

  • U.S. economic outlook and market update
  • 2017 tax reform – status update
  • qualified foreign pension fund regulations
  • common issues for Australian reporting of U.S. based-Investments
  • BEPS 2.0.
Materials from this session:

Dealing with lumpy assets in SMSFs

Author(s):  Craig DAY

This paper covers:

  • what are lumpy assets
  • getting lumpy assets into SMSFs
  • requirement to keep assets separate
  • lumpy assets and the sole purpose test
  • lumpy assets and investment strategies
  • lumpy assets and pensions.
Materials from this session:


Author(s):  Jemma SANDERSON

This paper covers:

  • work test
  • carry forward unused concessional contributions
  • non-concessional contributions
  • downsizer contribution
  • excess contribution refunds.
Materials from this session:

Pensions & SMSFs

Author(s):  Meg HEFFRON

This paper covers:

  • exempt current pension income (ECPI)
  • managing total superannuation balances
  • pensions & reserves.
Materials from this session:

SMSFRB 2020/1– Where are we now with SMSFs and property development?

Author(s):  Philip BRODERICK

This paper covers:

  • can an SMSF carry on property development?
  • can an SMSF carry on a business?
  • ATO’S concerns in relation to SMSFs conducting property development
  • SIS Act considerations
  • tax considerations
  • structures.
Materials from this session:

Unit pricing – An institutional investor perspective

Author(s):  Raewyn Williams

This presentation covers:

  • the relationship between unit pricing (UP) tax provisioning & a super fund’s mission 
  • governance & best practice in super fund tax provisioning – recap, example
  • super industry themes & issues impacting UP tax provisioning
  • emerging opportunities & challenges … & widening stakeholder interests in super fund tax.
Materials from this session:

Live Q&A

Author(s):  Senator the Hon Jane Hume This video is a live Q&A with Senator the Hon Jane Hume.

Materials from this session:

Australian equity holdings and use of derivatives – A commercial reality

Author(s):  Steven Carew,  Jonathan Woodger This video covers commercial rationale for the use of derivatives, and a tax expert on the tax law's reaction.

Materials from this session: