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2021 Death... & Taxes Conference

Published on 16 Sep 2021 | Took place at Hilton Brisbane, Brisbane, National

This event had industry experts share their expertise on an amazing line-up of topics, including about the administration process for an estate of a person who operated a business during their lifetime, navigation of division 6 in an estate context, administering an SMSF on death, a dive into the re-emerging provisions of 99B and 100A, as well as a session dedicated to actual stories from the trenches and a special virtual case study streamed live from the US on the treatment of US assets and how residency issues impact US estate taxes. The presentations were all designed to include both practical and technical elements, so as to ensure that all delegates receive significant takeaway value.

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Individual sessions

Rising dead and buried issues: 100A and 99B

Author(s):  Julie VAN DER VELDE

This paper covers:

  • When the beneficiaries of non resident estates and testamentary trusts may be taxable on amounts they have not received
  • When the resident trustee of a testamentary trust may be taxable on amounts distributed to beneficiaries.
Materials from this session:

Estate planning where there is a foreign element

Author(s):  Bryan Mitchell

This paper covers:

  • The nature and effect of nationality, domicile and residence
  • Jurisdictional issues
  • Domestic tax issues
  • Certain state taxes, particularly NSW
  • FIRB considerations.
Materials from this session:

Taxing challenges for estate income

Author(s):  Neal DALLAS,  Prue Poole

This paper covers a review the fundamentals of estate taxation, highlight areas of common misunderstanding and misapplication, and flag potential opportunities.

Materials from this session:

ATO update

Author(s):  Angela Jankovic

This presentation covers an update on the work the ATO has undertaken in reviewing their systems and processes for dealing with deceased estates.

Materials from this session: