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2021 National Superannuation Conference

Published on 07 Oct 2021 | Took place at Online, National

This event brought together regulators and leading practitioners from the legal,accounting, audit and financial advisory services fields of the superannuation industry for two full days to discuss tax and related challenges and the opportunities that these will bring. Speakers have been chosen because they are leading superannuation and tax experts with the essential blend of knowledge and experience in the practical application of the laws. A mixture of plenary sessions and two streams of breakout sessions were offered.

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Individual sessions

Emerging developments for large funds

Author(s):  Marco FELTRIN

This presentation covers analysis of the latest emerging issues facing the large fund sector.

Materials from this session:

Snapshot of changes affecting the SMSF industry

Author(s):  Liz Westover

This paper covers a rundown on all the legislative and regulatory changes impacting the SMSF sector over the last 12 months as well as recent ATO updates and guidance.

Materials from this session:

ATO presentation – issues for large funds

Author(s):  Nadia Alfonsi,  Andrew Grace,  Blake Sly

This presentation covers an update from the ATO on industry’s progression in the Justified Trust program and the ATO’s perspectives around fund tax governance.

Materials from this session:

Tax governance – consultation and third party data

Author(s):  Abbey Pearce,  Kara Singleton,  Duncan Lyon Following the request by the ATO to contribute comments on the appropriate tax risk management and governance framework controls to effectively manage and mitigate the risk of inaccuracies in third party data, we saw the manner in which the investment management sector is reliant on each other to meet these expectations.

This video covers a panel of industry leaders discussing the ATO’s guidance on these important framework controls, as well as explore whether there is ‘best practice’ for our sector in relation to meeting superannuation funds tax and reporting obligations.

Materials from this session:

Contributions – new caps, tips and traps

Author(s):  Tim Miller

Keeping up with the superannuation contribution rules is a full time job with changes occurring every year since super reform took hold at 1 July 2017. 1 July 2021 is no different with this years biggest ticket item being the increase in the contribution caps and the general transfer balance cap. With an increase comes opportunity but there are plenty of traps to be mindful of.

This paper covers a review some of the key contribution issues including what the change to the caps means.

Materials from this session:

Key focus areas on the ATO’s SMSF regulatory agenda

Author(s):  Kellie Grant

This presentation covers how the ATO plans to address key risk focus areas for the 2022 financial year and will touch on some of the key policy changes impacting the SMSF sector.

Materials from this session:

Trends in court decisions affecting the Superannuation industry

Author(s):  Suzanne MACKENZIE

This paper covers a examination of recent cases likely to have an impact for practitioners in the superannuation industry who are providing advice for either Large Funds or SMSFs.

Materials from this session:

Are superannuation taxes and Age Pension benefits sustainable?

Author(s):  Michael Rice

This presentation covers:

  • Why the calls for change?
  • Superannuation Taxes and Concessions
  • The Age Pension and means-testing
  • Retirees today and tomorrow
  • Policy changes which could be politically acceptable.
Materials from this session: