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2021 Property Intensive

Published on 04 Nov 2021 | Took place at Online, National

From the political and policy landscape of the property industry to change of intention in property development, and the impact of Windfall Gains Tax, this Property Intensive covered the issues every adviser dealing with property needs to know about. Attendees also heard the latest on the complexities around GST, dealing with the ATO, and the issues involved in vacant land and beyond.

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Individual sessions

Windfall Gains Tax – Impact for Landowners, Purchasers, and Developers

Author(s):  Irina Tan,  Craig WHATMAN,  Bailey Thiesz

This paper covers the proposed Windfall Gains Tax and the main issues to be considered if it comes into effect.

Materials from this session:

After the deluge: mopping up the general principles of taxation for landlords and tenants

Author(s):  Alistair Haskett,  Christopher NEIL,  Daniel Miles

This paper covers:

  • Rent abatements and deferrals
  • Impact of code of conduct for commercial tenancies
  • Income derivation by landlord when tenant cannot pay
  • Writing off the tenant’s debt: consequences for landlord and tenant
  • Renegotiating the lease: lease incentives, business benefit, capital gains
  • Implications for landlord/owner if use of property changes
  • Carry-back losses for landlords and tenants.
Materials from this session:

Real Estate – what is taxed and how it is taxed

Author(s):  Terry MURPHY,  Khai-Yin Lim

This presentation covers the intersection of statute and equitable principles in ascertaining the liability of trustees and beneficiaries of property-owning trusts.

Materials from this session:

GST considerations on the purchase of large parcels of land by residential property developers

Author(s):  Matthew Evans,  Raol D'Cruz

This paper covers:

  • Relevance of prior and current use
  • Large parcels of land with a residential premises
  • Relevance of character of supplier
  • What are the GST consequences, adjustments and applicability of the GST Margin Scheme?
Materials from this session:

Keynote address: Property and taxes - where are we at and what should be done

Author(s):  Danni Hunter

This presentation covers a keynote address canvassing the political and policy landscape as it relates to the property industry, and specifically the growing reliance on property taxes by our elected governments.

Materials from this session: