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21st Annual States’ Taxation Conference

Published on 03 Nov 2021 | Took place at Online, National

The States’ Taxation Conference remains the only national conference covering all state and territory taxes in one technical program, with this year’s conference took place online.

Topics presented were of universal interest across all the state taxes. Plenary sessions included issues encountered in the review of Commissioners’ administrative discretions, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies, and a comparison of common issues affecting federal and state taxes.

There was also be the usual update on the significant cases of the past year, followed by an expert panel discussion, which featured concurrent sessions, separately covering duties and payroll tax.

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Individual sessions

Algorithms, discretions, and decisions in the “Robo” age

Author(s):  Gail Hartridge,  David W MARKS

This paper covers:

  • Advances in tax administration, here and abroad, and how they affect parties to a matter
  • The administrative law context and developments. There are now cases illustrating the benefits and limits of use of machines to assist
  • Checks to safeguard transparency and the rule of law, to ensure natural justice, and to protect human rights.
Materials from this session:

Charitable institutions – A modern interpretation

Author(s):  Scott Pease

This presentation covers how the payroll tax exemption for charitable institutions has developed over time, to culminate in the modern interpretation, by reference to key case law.

Materials from this session:

Landholder duty – items fixed to land

Author(s):  Rachael Cullen,  Matthew SEALEY

This paper covers:

  • 3rd party property and the impact on landholder duty assessments in practice
  • Items fixed to subleases, easements, and other interests in land
  • The 2019 WA changes, including fixed infrastructure rights and aggregated acquisitions
  • Valuation issues – just what interest is being valued?
  • Landholder duty and property tax – interaction, implications, issues.
Materials from this session:

The terms and nature of disclosure obligations

Author(s):  Geoff MANN,  Alice Kim,  Hayley Young,  Samanath Marsh,  Elizabeth John

This paper covers:

  • The fundamental requirements for a compliant lodgment
  • Identify any unusual or unexpected provisions that may apply in some jurisdictions
  • Outline the provisions that may compel a ‘re-lodgment’ upon a passage of time or a change of circumstances
  • Refer to relevant caselaw, including Orica IC Assets Pty Ltd v The Commissioner of State Revenue [2011] QSC 1.
Materials from this session:

Trusts – Current Issues in Stamp Duty & Land Tax

Author(s):  Elke Bremner,  Costa KOUTSIS

This presentation covers:

  • When does a reference to a trust in a document create a duty liability? Analysis of recent case law (ie. Benidorm, Rojoda)
  • Changing trustees and custodians of MIS and sub-trusts – impact of schemes not being registered MIS
  • Trusts & Land Tax (including surcharge land tax) in the jurisdictions.
Materials from this session:

States taxes cases and legislative update

Author(s):  Lisa SMITH

This paper covers states taxes cases and legislative update.

Materials from this session: