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28th Noosa Tax Intensive Reinvented for 2020

Published on 12 Nov 2020 | Took place at Sofitel Noosa Pacific Resort | Crowne Plaza Terrigal, National

The 28th Noosa Tax Intensive was this year’s premier SME tax event in Australia. Amid uncertainty on how long it will take for the COVID-19 fog to clear, all businesses are challenged to continue differently. Professor Justin Craig’s keynote highlighted what that means for family businesses in a broad sense. We then drew from that as we dived into the key tax and governance issues that family businesses need to embrace to set themselves apart during this period.

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Individual sessions

Capital/revenue – Sun Newspapers shaded, black holes return and the Covid-19 asset write-off

Author(s):  Chloe BURNETT,  Eugene Chan

This paper covers:

  • review the foundation principles from Sun Newspapers
  • consider recent cases and rulings
  • explore what constitutes a business
  • discuss whether a one-off venture may be a profit-making undertaking on revenue account.
Materials from this session:

No longer business as usual: Utilising tax losses

Author(s):  Stephen HOLMES

This paper covers:

  • a review of the continuity of ownership test
  • the same or similar business test, including the business continuity ruling
  • the impact of Div 35 for non-commercial losses
  • practical planning opportunities.
Materials from this session:

The pitfalls of particular financing arrangements

Author(s):  Mariana Von Lucken

This presentation covers:

  • debt/equity rules
  • converting debt to equity
  • funding from offshore
  • foreign trusts – what are the funding risks?
Materials from this session:

Keeping it in the family – Related party financing

Author(s):  Sally NEWMAN

This paper covers:

  • managing loans to “at-risk” family members
  • impact of family trust elections
  • implications of assignment or forgiveness of related party loans.
Materials from this session:

Asset protection: Hard to make, easy to lose

Author(s):  Andy MILIDONI

This paper covers:

  • what and who do we need protection from?
  • identifying who is a risk
  • identifying what is at risk if things go wrong
  • structuring to provide clients with the ultimate protection.
Materials from this session:

ATO update and hot spots

Author(s):  Tim Dyce,  Karen ROOKE

This presentation covers:

  • the Top 500 private groups tax performance program, and other supporting compliance programs being undertaken in the private groups market
  • the impact of recent litigation relating to the revenue/capital distinction and capital gains made by trusts
  • the current state of issues relating to Div 7A, s 100A and professional firms from a tax administration perspective.
Materials from this session:

Dividends and capital management into the twenties

Author(s):  David W MARKS This video covers:

  • Corporations Act and tax law dividends
  • profits or s 254T – or both?
  • frankable distributions
  • capital reduction or share buyback – what is the difference anyway?
Materials from this session: