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Corporate Tax Masterclass

Published on 26 Oct 2017 | Took place at Primus Hotel Sydney, Sydney, NSW

This event covered all the key technical issues associated with critical corporate tax developments.

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Individual sessions

Tax residency of overseas subsidiaries – Practical implications

Author(s):  Julian LIAN

This paper covers:

  • cases and rulings
  • what to consider in monitoring CMC
  • implications of becoming an Australian tax resident.




Materials from this session:

Tax implications of accounting developments

Author(s):  Michelle MORI,  Melissa Sim

This paper covers:

  • accounting standard changes
  • corporate tax rate reduction
  • deferred tax on indefinite life intangibles
  • uncertainty over income tax treatments.


Materials from this session:

Related party financing

Author(s):  Peter COLLINS,  Caleb Khoo,  James Nickless

This paper covers:

  • Chevron
  • Draft Practical Compliance Guideline 2017/D4
  • what does this mean practically for how a taxpayer should establish and defend related party financing going forward?
  • other related party financing issues for consideration.
Materials from this session:

Single touch in payroll

Author(s):  John Shepherd

This paper covers:

  • single touch payroll – streamlined business reporting
  • the law for single touch payroll 
  • what is required to be reported?
  • how does it work?
  • timeline
  • the compliance approach.
Materials from this session:

Corporate governance and tax risk management

Author(s):  Fiona MOORE,  Duncan McCarthy

This presentation covers:

  • evolution of tax corporate governance
  • how does it all fit together?
  • justified trust
  • the ATO’s TRMGRG
  • framework overview and approaches taken by taxpayers
  • ATO experience & future developments.
Materials from this session:

ATO’s approach to the top 1000 market

Author(s):  Adam Pritchard,  Christopher Shorter

This presentation covers:

  • characteristics of the public groups and International (PG&I) population
  • our approach to assisting and assuring tax compliance of PG&I groups
  • the top 1000 tax performance program
  • how we currently use data to inform our strategies and support the top 1000 tax performance program. 
Materials from this session:

Trips and traps for the employer

Author(s):  Donna RUBBO

This presentation covers:

  • payroll tax
  • FBT
  • superannuation guarantee.
Materials from this session: