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For the sake of change - Getting your structure where you need it to be

Published on 26 Mar 2015 | Took place at Online, QLD

If your client’s structure has a limited useful life, planning for change is driven by a myriad of considerations. Firstly and most importantly are the operational objectives and requirements of the business or investment vehicle. For SME advisors, there are a host of different types of structures that our clients commonly use and consequently, managing the taxation considerations are a particular challenge.

Whether it be simplification of an unwieldy group (perhaps comprising different types of structures that don’t work well together from a tax perspective) or managing the taxation consequences of changing to a new entity that better meets our client’s growing needs, failing to address the issues properly can have dire consequences, particularly for purely internal restructures where there is no consideration flowing from an external sale.

This event was about structural growing pains for SME clients and how they might be alleviated.

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For the sake of change - Getting your structure where you need it to be

Author(s):  Dominic Moon

This presentation covers:

  • growing pains - drivers of change
  • restructuring for change
  • state taxes - tips and traps
  • anti-avoidance considerations
  • worked examples.
Materials from this session: