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International Tax Day

Published on 30 Oct 2018 | Took place at Hilton Brisbane, Brisbane, QLD

This event covered issues such as structuring and tax advice for inbound, wealthy expats looking to come home, as well as for Australian businesses reliant on international outsourcing or an online but offshore presence. The event provided practitioners who deal with these scenarios, and most in between, with a good understanding without having to specialise in international tax. It provided attendees with practical points that they can implement back in the office.

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Individual sessions

Your offshore client is moving to Australia – Now what?

Author(s):  Hayden BENTLEY

This paper covers:

  • residency and impact on personally owned assets and Australian residency for taxation purposes
  • temporary residency
  • impact on personally owned assets
  • interests in companies
  • controlled foreign corporation provisions
  • foreign trusts
  • Section 99B
  • timing issues and collapsing structures.
Materials from this session:


Author(s):  Linda FARMER

This paper covers:

  • residency and assessable income
  • tax rates
  • preparation of tax return
  • HELP debts and withholding tax obligations
  • other issues.
Materials from this session:


Author(s):  David HUGHES

This paper covers:

  • residence
  • transferor trusts
  • Section 99B
  • foreign trust disclosure rules
  • state taxes and discretionary trusts.
Materials from this session:

Your client is expanding overseas – Now what?

Author(s):  Philip KEIR

This paper covers:

  • dealing with the local structure
  • residency
  • repatriation of profits
  • transfer pricing
  • foreign income tax offsets (FITO’s)
  • CFC’s & attribution rules
  • tax on exit.
Materials from this session:

Determining residency

Author(s):  Harry LAKIS

This paper covers:

  • the relevance of determining residency
  • residency according to “ordinary concepts”
  • residency under the “domicile test”
  • the 183 days test
  • the superannuation test
  • residency for a company.
Materials from this session:

Companies – Tax issues for companies expanding offshore

Author(s):  Fletch HEINEMANN,  Sarah Lancaster

This paper covers:

  • decisions before expanding
  • different tax consequences for foreign income
  • dealing with double taxation
  • transfer pricing.
Materials from this session: