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SA Agribusiness Day

Published on 31 Jul 2015 | Took place at Stamford Plaza, Adelaide, SA

This event provided attendees with the opportunity to hear from some of South Australia’s leading Agribusiness specialists address “real world” opportunities for forward planning and growth for your clients.

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Individual sessions

Farm income, smoothing the way forward

Author(s):  John CROUCH

This paper covers:

  • deferred income
  • bringing forward expenditure
  • dealing with losses
  • primary production averaging
  • farm management deposits
  • effective use of FMD’s
  • superannuation
  • operating entities.
Materials from this session:

Business succession agreements for agribusiness

Author(s):  Peter SLEGERS,  Andrew Dunncliff

This paper covers:

  • case study
  • Sherrin family tree
  • business structure
  • landholdings.
Materials from this session:

Primary production land restructures: Carving up the family farm

Author(s):  Peter SLEGERS

This presentation covers:

  • Sherrin family tree recap
  • structures
  • proposed land restructure.
Materials from this session:

Cashing out of agribusiness

Author(s):  Will Fennell

This paper covers:

  • sale of partnership assets
  • sale of trust assets
  • sale of company assets
  • pre-CGT land and post 1985 development
  • cashing out farm management deposits
  • what is the best time to cash out your FMDs?
  • selling to a foreign investor
  • partial sale?
Materials from this session:

Losses from non-commercial business activities - Reflections on the current tax landscape

Author(s):  Stephen Nisbet

This paper covers:

  • application of NCL rules
  • Commissioner's discretion
  • applying for Commissioner's discretion
  • recent developments in non-commercial losses.
Materials from this session:

Customs duty & Australia’s free trade agreements

Author(s):  Jessica Pengelly

This paper covers:

  • introductions to FTA's
  • customs duty
  • Australia's FTA's
  • recent developments
  • new FTA with China.
Materials from this session:

Getting expenditure right for tax

Author(s):  Raoul Stevenson

This paper covers:

  • capital allowances
  • characterisation of expenditure - capital v revenue
  • trading stock
  • budget measures - May 2015
  • arm’s length dealings.
Materials from this session:

From mining boom to dining boom? Why SA is the place to be for Ag

Author(s):  Will Rayner

This paper covers:

  • economic fundamentals
  • technology and innovation
  • politics
  • people and community
  • a global perspective.
Materials from this session: