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SME Day 2018

Published on 17 Jul 2018 | Took place at Fenix Events, Melbourne, VIC

At this full day seminar, some of Victoria’s leading SME experts guided participants through a range of hot topics, with a focus on practical examples and opportunities to ensure you are well-equipped to identify and advise your affected clients.

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Individual sessions

Approach to ATO regarding reviews

Author(s):  Chris Atkinson

This paper covers:

  • what is attracting the attention of the ATO?
  • how an ATO review typically runs?
  • information gathering powers
  • the importance of evidence.
Materials from this session:

Everett assignments and the Commissioner’s withdrawn guidelines

Author(s):  Keith KENDALL

This paper covers:

  • Everett’s case
  • Kelly’s case
  • since Everett
  • the guidelines
  • practical considerations.
Materials from this session:

Recent trust taxation developments

Author(s):  Daniel SMEDLEY

This paper covers:

  • ever present 100A reimbursement agreement issues
  • the various tests for a fixed trust for tax purposes
  • family trust distributions tax and what are “distributions”
  • creating, discharging, waiving, releasing and assigning UPEs
  • varying trusts
  • vesting trusts.
Materials from this session:

Small business CGT concessions - Law

Author(s):  Michael PARKER

This presentation covers:

  • Treasury Laws Amendment (Tax Integrity and Other Measures) Bill 2018
  • 2018/19 Budget announcements
  • FCT v Miley
  • Board of Taxation review of small business tax concessions.
Materials from this session:

Evolving structures of SMEs

Author(s):  Mark PIZZACALLA,  Fiona Knight,  Adrian Zuccarini

This presentation covers:

  • trust re-characterisation of income
  • remuneration arrangements
  • not a genuine restructure?
  • alternate test.
Materials from this session:

Small business CGT concessions - Practice

Author(s):  Simon TUCKER

This presentation covers:

  • practical considerations
  • basic conditions
  • the concessions
  • restructuring.
Materials from this session: