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SME Tax Symposium

Published on 19 Nov 2015 | Took place at Doltone House, Hyde Park, NSW

The SME Tax Symposium offered a great choice of sessions that showcased the best speakers and delivered extremely relevant topics. The program provided strong technical content along with practical and insightful guidance on SME tax issues.

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Individual sessions

Preparing for the grand final: How to get a business ready for sale

Author(s):  Todd Want

This paper covers:

  • is there an optimal time to sell?
  • share buy-backs in private companies: what are the tax issues?
  • capital reductions
  • demergers
  • cleaning up loan accounts
  • tax consolidation
  • intellectual property.
Materials from this session:

Creative ways to structure the purchase of a business

Author(s):  Jol DARE

This paper covers:

  • optimising the diligence and transaction
  • tax as a result of transfer
  • so what is the right structure for wealth extraction?
  • the joy of SME consolidation
  • earn-outs: you might never have before for SMEs ... but would you now?
Materials from this session:

Have I inherited a tax mess?

Author(s):  Scott TREATT

This paper covers:

  • our obligations as tax advisors and tax agents
  • how do you discover the issue?
  • understanding your client’s structure
  • common issues arising
  • documentation and substantiation
  • how can you fix your prior year errors?
Materials from this session:

Is my client an accidental property developer?

Author(s):  Scott McGill

This paper covers:

  • the distinction between revenue & capital
  • specific GST issues.
Materials from this session:

Superannuation - My money’s in super, where will it go next?

Author(s):  Chris TSOVOLOS

This paper covers:

  • death benefits – who benefits?
  • what to do with a superannuation death benefit?
  • death benefits getting paid into the estate
  • protecting superannuation benefits in an estate planning environment: FPA claims Pope v Christie 1998 NSWCS 118
  • utilising a superannuation debt instalment trust for estate planning (and in particular, as part of intergenerational business succession).
Materials from this session:

Small business entities

Author(s):  Jo-anne HOTSTON

This paper covers:

  • what is a small business entity?
  • what is aggregated turnover? - The grouping rules
  • restructuring to utilise SBE concessions
  • income tax concessions for SBEs
  • capital gains tax concessions for SBEs
  • GST concessions for SBEs
  • other concessions for SBEs.
Materials from this session:

Clever ways to structure the sale of a business

Author(s):  Stuart LECORNU,  Tristan WEBB

This paper covers:

  • the sale process
  • share sales vs asset sales
  • advanced planning for the CGT concessions and thorny issues
  • earn-out arrangements.
Materials from this session:

What is the best way to remunerate an SME Employee?

Author(s):  Albert Homarwijaya,  Andy Hutt

This paper covers:

  • introduction to remuneration
  • fixed vs variable pay
  • equity compensation
  • non-cash benefits.
Materials from this session: