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The Tax Summit

Published on 18 Oct 2021 | Took place at MCED, Melbourne & Online, National

The Tax Summit tapped into the pulse of the tax profession, putting you at the heart of the inspiration, vision and excellence defining our professional future.

Keynote speakers delved into issues brought up by COVID-19, going beyond the technical. From understanding client needs in a digital world, to insights on the rapid evolution of new technologies, through to making space for collaboration, adaptability and wellness, learn how to think for a redesigned professional environment.

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Individual sessions

Unique COVID-19 Employment Tax issues

Author(s):  Hayley Lock,  Stacey Biggar

This paper covers:

  • Provision of home office equipment as loan or gift
  • Payment of health care and quarantine costs or charter flights
  • Change in benefit profiles (eg car use)
  • Budget announcements, reskilling employees and the car parking threshold adjustment and
  • Displaced interstate or international employees, including payroll tax and additional costs or change of LAFHA arrangements.
Materials from this session:

International transactions

Author(s):  Mathew CHAMBERLAIN,  Madeleine Ottaviano,  Adele Williams

This paper covers a focus on a number of material international tax issues and outcomes associated with the pandemic.


Materials from this session:

Tax write offs versus accounting write offs in an instant asset write off world

Author(s):  Stuart Glasgow

This paper covers:

  • High-level examples of tax-write offs versus accounting write-offs
  • What happens when the timing difference takes place?
  • Current year impacts in relation to trust - distributable and taxable income
  • Current year impacts to companies – dividends and franking accounts and
  • Commercial implications – matching tax and accounting treatment – how financiers look at financial statements.
Materials from this session:

Employee versus Contractor – when is it still important?

Author(s):  Matthew McKEE

This paper covers:

The difference between an employee and a contractor
Recent developments in industrial law such as the new casual employee definition and emerging issues with the sharing/gig economy
Key risks and obligations including those for small business employers and
What the courts have said in key cases such as Gupta v Portier, Kloger v Foodora and the Deliveroo unfair dismissal case.

Materials from this session:

How to structure professional practices

Author(s):  Corey BEAT

This paper covers the question of how to structure professional practices,.

Materials from this session: