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VIC 6th Annual Tax Forum

Published on 11 Oct 2018 | Took place at Crown Conference Centre, Melbourne, VIC

This event provided attendees with key knowledge and insights that left them better placed to tackle the complex issues they face in today’s tax practice. Some topics covered included:

  • SME core areas – Div 7A and small business CGT concessions
  • disputes – the future of tax litigation, ATO access powers and fraud and evasion
  • international developments – diverted profits tax, tax treaties and the new anti-hybrid rules
  • perennial favourites such as the M&A update, case update and ATO areas of interest.

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Individual sessions

What’s happening in M&A?

Author(s):  Enzo COIA,  James Gould

This paper covers:

  • what am I buying?
  • how am I going to pay for it?
  • how do I seal the deal?
  • how do I explain this to the ATO?
Materials from this session:

Tax issues with cryptocurrencies

Author(s):  Gareth Redenbach

This paper covers:

  • a quick primer on cryptocurrencies
  • common misconceptions about taxation of cryptotokens
  • tax treatment of ico transactions.
Materials from this session:

Updates for Corporates

Author(s):  Daniel McINERNEY,  Daniel Diaz

This paper covers:

  • cases and tribunal decisions
  • ATO Rulings, determinations and guidance
  • legislative developments.
Materials from this session:

Case update for SMEs

Author(s):  Angela Lee,  Mia Clarebrough

This paper covers:

  • trusts
  • capital gains tax
  • residency
  • GST
  • self managed superannuation funds
  • challenging assessments.


Materials from this session:

Tax treaties – How to read them

Author(s):  David W MARKS

This paper covers:

  • VCLT
  • whether matters within articles 31 or 32
  • basic elements
  • version of treaty commentary to use
  • “international fiscal language”?
Materials from this session:

Transfer pricing v the diverted profits tax – Too much overlap to be safe!

Author(s):  Damian PRESHAW

This paper covers:

  • purpose of the DPT
  • overview of the DPT
  • the relevant taxpayer must obtain a DPT tax benefit in connection with the scheme
  • the principal purpose test – paragraph 177J(1)(b)
  • the sufficient economic substance test – s177M
  • PCG 2018/5 – DPT risk assessment framework and SES test scenarios.
Materials from this session:

Legislative reforms in the property sector

Author(s):  Robyn Jacobson,  James Christodoulakis

This paper covers:

  • vacancy taxes and absentee owner surcharge
  • stamp duty — concessions and surcharges
  • FRCGW regime — changes from 1 July 2017
  • new GST property withholding regime
  • MRE changes for non-residents.
Materials from this session:

RCF IV: Limited partnerships, unlimited implications?

Author(s):  Gareth Redenbach,  James STRONG

This paper covers:

  • RCF IV: background facts
  • limited partnerships & statutory construction
  • possible implications outside of tax treaties
  • tax treatment of ordinary income gain/business profits article
  • treatment of gain under Article 13/Division 855.
Materials from this session:

Private business: What’s attracting the Commissioner’s attention?

Author(s):  Anna Longley

This presentation covers:

  • Section 100A reimbursement agreements
  • Part IVA – dividend stripping
  • franchising
  • commercial deals.
Materials from this session: