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The Tax Institute launches modernised learning techniques to help tax professionals keep pace with rapid change

Publication date: 06 Dec 18 | Source: THE TAX INSTITUTE

The Tax Institute launches modernised learning techniques to help tax professionals keep pace with rapid change 

SYDNEY, 6 December 2018: To support busy tax professionals to keep pace with the ever-changing tax landscape, The Tax Institute has transformed the way it educates.  

This initiative advances our education offering into targeted, manageable learning experiences translating into higher engagement and development of the skills required for tax professionals. The modernised learning methods don’t replace traditional methods such as face to face classes, but offers learners the option to log onto their device at any time and access small, focused modules at a time and place that’s convenient. 

Our highly technical, yet practical modules, are being enhanced even further by focusing on a single concept, changing a single behaviour or exploring one idea and are reinforced with additional resources such as live Q&A sessions with a subject matter expert and checkpoint quizzes. This allows learners to acquire and apply knowledge quickly and is proven to increase retention of content. 

This allows greater flexibility to learn shorter segments on the go, or as unfamiliar topics are encountered day to day, to suit already busy professionals who want to advance their knowledge. 

Professor Robert Deutsch, Head of Education at The Tax Institute says, “The increased flexibility of our education offering translates into a more effective and engaging experience for our learners.” 

“It has allowed us to extend access of quality content so that tax professionals can learn anytime, anywhere. We are committed to advancing education in relation to taxation and taxation law.” 

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