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New Victorian economic entitlement duty


Property developers, investors and service professionals may need to review and restructure development services arrangements so that fees calculated by reference to the distributions, receipts, profits or proceeds of a landowner’s land are not a synthetic acquisition of an interest in the land subject to duty. The economic entitlement provisions establish an economic equivalence alternative postulate test. The alternative postulate test should not be limited to equivalent profit effect and should include other rights, obligations and risks of similarity, fungibility or functional equivalence to land ownership. An alternative postulate test based on other rights, obligations and risks provides a predictable basis to exclude from duty arrangements that are not equivalence to land ownership. More informative guidance on the scope of the economic entitlement test and equivalence is needed.

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Ronald Jorgensen CTA
Ron Jorgensen, CTA, principally consults on Commonwealth and State tax laws, tax dispute resolution and compliance enforcement. Ron specialises in trusts and trust disputes, succession and asset protection, business and investment structuring and tax sensitive commercial and property transactions. Ron is an Accredited Specialist Tax Law and member of the Tax Law Advisory Committee with the Law Institute of Victoria. He is a member of the Law Institute of Victoria and The Tax Institute. Ron is a member of the Tax Technical Committee (Vic), a member and former chair of the States Taxes Committee (Vic) and former representative of the Victorian State Taxes Consultative Council for The Tax Institute. Ron is a member of the Property Council of Australia Tax Committee (Victorian Division). Ron was recognised by Doyle’s Guide as a Recommended Tax Lawyer for 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 and as a Leading Tax Lawyer for 2020 and in Best Lawyers Australia 2021. - Current at 16 December 2020
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