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Bonus: Digital and technological disruptors to your business - How to prepare for and manage them video

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Publication date: 02 Mar 16 | Source: NATIONAL DIVISION, THE TAX INSTITUTE

This video is a filmed session from the 31st National Convention, PowerPoint slides are incorporated with the presentation.

This session addressed the potential digital disruptors in your firm and the tax industry as a whole, and assist you in developing strategies to embrace these developments including:

  • dealing with the digital government
  • entire digital interaction with your clients
  • the use of mobile technology
  • cognitive computing (IBM Watson)
  • Failure to recognise these disruptors may have a negative impact of your profits as well, and could adversely impact your interaction with your clients. Many, if not all, of your clients are also facing their own digital disruptions and may need input from you on what it means to them.

Author profile

Peter Williams
Peter is a Partner (semi-retired) in Consulting at Deloitte. Peter is Chief Edge Officer for the Centre for the Edge. He is a recognised thought leader and practitioner in innovation with a particular focus on digital innovation. Peter founded Deloitte Digital, a business pioneering the delivery of professional services online, and has been the Chairman of Deloitte’s Innovation Council since 2004. The Centre’s mission is to identify and explore emerging opportunities related to big shifts that are not yet on the senior management agenda, but ought to be. - Current at 29 July 2016
This was presented at 31st National Convention .

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