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Intangibles and royalties – where are we heading? video

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Publication date: 18 Oct 21 | Source: NATIONAL DIVISION, THE TAX INSTITUTE

This video explores the recent trends and ATO publications (TRs, TAs, PCGs and more) that are relevant to the modern way of managing intangible assets.

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Intangibles and royalties – where are we heading?
Author(s):  Chris Ferguson

Author profile

Chris Ferguson
Chris Ferguson is an Assistant Commissioner in the Public Groups & International business line with responsibility for strategic case leadership. Chris has responsibility for risks related to arrangements involving the migration of intangible assets and arrangements involving cross-border leasing arrangements into Australia. Chris also has responsibility for the New Investment Engagement Service which offers investors an opportunity to engage with specialists prior to the execution of significant commercial transactions. - Current at 10 August 2021
This was presented at The Tax Summit .

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