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Your role as a leader or potential leader: Having the courage to lead your way video

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Publication date: 22 Nov 17 | Source: NATIONAL DIVISION, THE TAX INSTITUTE

This video is a filmed session from the Women in Tax National Congress 2017, PowerPoint slides are incorporated with the presentation.

This workshop looked at how women can stand powerfully on the feminine foundation that resides in our right brains, rather than place our entire business future on the masculine thought patterns and skill sets of our rational left brain.

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Author(s):  Gillian Triggs

Author profile

Maureen Frank
Maureen is an entrepreneur, speaker, bestselling author, and proud founder of emberin 12 years ago. She’s a highly successful business woman: former Head of Mergers and Acquisitions for Aon in the UK and Australia, Telstra Business Woman of the Year, and BRW Rising Star. As a global leading international diversity and inclusion expert, she has mentored over 30,000 individuals. Maureen, with her ROI obsession has established over a dozen diversity councils in major organisations (most of which were the executive team), personally coached CEOs on their journey and supported her client to achieve results, including supporting a number of organisations increase the number of women in senior leadership in record time: a telco (from 6% to 31% in two years), a mining company (from 8% to 23% in two years), a bank (from 11% to 33% in three years), a waste management business (from 8% to 19% in one year) and many more examples. - Current at 09 December 2017
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