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Choose your own set of 5 or 10 CPD videos from our selection of best rated webinars and presentations, featuring some of the best minds in tax, speaking on a variety of relevant and interesting tax topics.


Post-death main residence CGT traps video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Ian Raspin, Robyn Jacobson,

  • This video covers: general rules rules for deceased estates rules for foreign residents.

Payment and taxation of death benefits video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Nathan Yii

  • This video covers: introduction to superannuation and pensions hidden taxes on paying death benefits – who should be benefits be paid to? death benefit payment decisions and how to manage the transfer balance cap on the death of one spouse the appropriate use of superannuation proceeds trusts post-death to minimise death benefits tax – when should they be used? in specie transfers of assets post-death withdrawals by members and attorneys pre-death.
  • This video covers: key findings and statistics tax rules & rates timeline who should finalise the deceased’s tax affairs after their death? assets at death - part of the deceased estate? how to transfer? summary of potential recommendations.

Family trust elections video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Linda Tapiolas

  • This video covers: FTEs and IEEs family trust distribution tax passing control of a trust take home points.

Succession planning and trusts video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Magdalena Njokos, Daniel SMEDLEY,

  • This video covers: managing control of family trusts – understanding the legal mechanisms what should the power of appointment provide? key considerations if variation is required how to best manage trust control.

The broke trustee video 1 CPD hours
Presented by David W MARKS

  • This video covers: rights of indemnity assets available to the liquidator the bankruptcy laws.

The only constant is change… Restructuring video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Kim Reynolds

  • This video covers: restructure considerations managing the tax cost associated with restructuring other considerations financing the restructure.

Keeping it in the family – Family law considerations video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Scott Wedgwood, Allison Caputo,

  • This video covers: case study divorce and de facto relationships property settlement sealing the deal.

Ready, set, go! Start up structuring 101 video 1 CPD hours
Presented by David HUGHES

  • This video covers: case study scenario.

Related party arrangements video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Matthew McKEE

  • This video covers: contractor provisions director related payments intra-group transactions case studies.

Grouping and de-grouping provisions video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Adam Gerard

  • This video covers the areas of related party arrangements and the grouping/degrouping provisions which are often areas of investigation for the Revenue Offices.
  • This video covers: relevant contract provisions employment agency arrangements liability of principal for contractors' payroll tax.

State taxes: Change is now! video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Lee JURGA

  • This video covers state taxes highlights.
  • This video covers: tests for determining corporate tax residency current ATO guidance what is the risk?
  • This video covers: what is a business buy-sell agreement? why do we need buy-sell agreements? what do the various buy-sell models look like? what if I can’t get the insurance that I want? contractual and drafting considerations.
  • This video covers: legislative framework who is an ‘employee’ for SG purposes? ordinary time earnings v total salary and wages interaction with other rules ATO powers.

Understanding the SG Amnesty video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Philip BRODERICK

  • This video covers: legislative framework components of the SGC the SG Amnesty and its benefits making disclosures and payments under the Amnesty practical issues with the Amnesty.

Contributions workshop video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Craig DAY

  • This video covered: catch-up concessional re-cap practical catch-up contribution advice issues advice strategy opportunities.

NALI and NALE video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Tim Miller

  • This video explored the following areas of interest: new law changes, how they apply including ATO interpretation specific and general nexus between expenses and income trustee v personal remuneration – SIS v tax application to practitioners with their own SMSF.

ATO presentation – Issues for large funds video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Nadia Alfonsi

  • This video covers: engaging with the ATO top 1000 super fund findings where to from here tax transparency code.

Legislative and regulatory update video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Peter BURGESS

  • This video covers: COVID-19 relief measures enacted changes announced but not yet law other developments.

Contributions video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Jemma SANDERSON

  • This video covers: work test changes carry forward concessional contribution cap bring forward periods – what’s new, and what does a new financial year mean? withdrawal and recontribution strategies downsizer contributions refunding excess contributions.
  • This video covers: NSW electricity industry NSW govt reform package agreement between NSW and Origin capacity charges issues capital payment CGT regime.
  • This video covers: key facts decision implications for taxpayers.

Optical Superstore - Implications of the decision video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Chris SIEVERS

  • This video covers: the contractor provisions the Optical Superstore – the facts the tribunal decision the Supreme Court the Court of Appeal implications of the decision.

Infrastructure rights and economic entitlements video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Adrian CHEK, Michelle Owens, Vasko Nastevski,

  • This video covers: what are economic entitlements in property, and should they be subject to duty? current law – are they subject to stamp duty? the specific Victorian economic entitlement provisions duty on infrastructure transactions – the lease / licence distinction the WA fixed infrastructure right provisions.

Payroll tax cases – “The big ones” video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Tracey-Ann Oppedisano, Scott Pease,

  • This video covers: CSR v Optical Superstore [2019] VSCA 197 Chief Commissioner of State Revenue v Downer EDI Engineering Pty Ltd [2020] NSWCA 126 Compass Group v Commissioner of State Revenue [2020] QSC 184 Winlina Pty Ltd v Chief Commissioner of State Revenue [2019] NSWSC 1080.
  • This video covers: what did 2020 have in store for us? the lockdown the stimulus measures Australian government Covid-19 relief packages predictions for the next 6-12 months.

Navigating the maze of base rate entities video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Robyn Jacobson

  • This videos covers: the corporate tax cuts base rate entities implications for franking. other issues.

Tackling trust losses video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Neil Brydges, Daniel SMEDLEY,

  • This video covers: family trust elections interposed entity elections making a family trust election franking credit trading rules altering elections.
  • This video covers: residential real estate underpins Australia’s wealth the rate of decline has been easing since July however Melbourne stands out, with no signs of an improvement in the rate of decline rental demand in particular will be materially impacted by stalled overseas migration the fiscal cliff is now a steep hill office market trends.

Vacant land rules video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Seema MISHRA

  • This video covers: rules apply from 1 July 2019 limit the deductibility of land related holding and financing costs for certain taxpayers that hold vacant land implications for CGT cost base Eichmann v Commissioner of Taxation [2020] FCAFC 155 Full Federal Court Decision of 17 September 2020.

US business expansion, localised development video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Scott Hes, Elizabeth Cullinan,

  • This video covers: general US tax considerations (federal and salt) financing transfer pricing / permanent establishment / treaty discussion of models.

Takeover: Sale to a multinational video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Angie HICKS, Lauren Gatto,

  • This video covers: current structure vendor and purchaser priorities for transaction overview of transaction scenarios tax implications on sale – Scenario 1 (50% CGT discount) tax implications on sale – Scenario 2 (768-G ITAA97 concession) tax implications on sale – Scenario 3.

Transfer pricing aspects of cross-border transfers of intangibles video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Jacques Van Rhyn, Tim Heberden, Chris Ferguson,

  • This video covers: intangibles landscape OECD guidance on Intangibles OECD Action 8 the complexity of intangibles complexity of IP assets.
  • This video covers: the OECD’s pricing framework for intercompany financing transactions case study - how do I price an intercompany financing arrangement? the importance of contemporaneous documentation and evidence in the new world.

Thin capitalisation rules - How arm’s length is arm’s length? video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Shahzeb Panhwar, Cindy Perryman,

  • This video covers: history of ALDT use availability of guidance history of disputes availability of comfort? two headed monster – TR 2020/4 and PCG 2020/7.

Issues with the treatment of sovereign wealth funds and pension funds video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Luke Bugden, Christina Sahyoun, David Stevenson,

  • This video covers: history of SFFR amendments concepts and issues compliance & rulings.

Testamentary trusts video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Daniel SMEDLEY

  • This video covers: reasons for using testamentary trusts – asset protection and taxation benefits testamentary trust integrity and anti-avoidance changes to Division 6AA of the ITAA 1936 and its impact on the administration of testamentary trusts dealing with main residences in testamentary trusts including the right to occupy and the acquisition of a new residence how to ensure superannuation death benefits obtain concessional tax treatment alternatives to testamentary trusts.
  • This video covers: international credentials immovable/movable estate multicultural/multiple laws conflict of laws inheritance tax.
  • This video covers: the nature of a dispute in wealth distribution and the claims at hand ownership structures including personally held, family trust and superannuation the tax implications in dealing with estate and wealth disputes and not losing track of the tax bill tax-effectively addressing estate disputes by agreement or court order – what’s the difference and what do they deal with? Division 128 CGT Rollover and Victorian duty concessions on death and applying them in a dispute context factoring in superannuation death benefits in the dispute and minimising death benefits tax transferring control of family discretionary trusts without triggering tax using tax planning as a bargaining tool in negotiating an outcome remembering prevention is far better and cheaper than a cure.

Seat 1A on the digital tax plane: Chasing source – or chaos? video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Jayde THOMPSON, Greg Weickhardt,

  • This video covers: will it deliver on the G-20’s mandate? a truce through tough times, or will digital services taxes pile on? how did we get here and should Australians care?

Permanent establishments in 2020 and beyond video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Amber Agustin, Cameron Forbes,

  • This video covers permanent establishments in 2020 and beyond.

No longer business as usual: Utilising tax losses video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Stephen HOLMES

  • This video covers: a review of the continuity of ownership test the same or similar business test, including the business continuity ruling the impact of Div 35 for non-commercial losses practical planning opportunities.

Asset protection: Hard to make, easy to lose video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Andy MILIDONI

  • This video covers: what and who do we need protection from? identifying who is a risk identifying what is at risk if things go wrong structuring to provide clients with the ultimate protection.

Keynote: Post-Budget policy update video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Robyn Jacobson

  • This video covers: major economic parameters personal income tax cuts — legislated personal income tax cuts — insights expanded small business tax concessions loss carry back.

SMSFs – Where are we now? video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Melanie Dunn

  • This video covers: contributions - what’s new? total super balance (TSB) considerations contribution issues for high income earners considerations when moving into retirement.

Tax implications of relationship breakdown video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Todd Want

  • This video covers tax implications of relationship breakdown.

What Directors are looking for from a tax risk management perspective video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Teresa DYSON, Michael Carey,

  • In the past few years Boards have become more involved with tax risk management. There are a number of reasons for this: tax has become a more important and topical issue in general; there is a deeper understanding of the financial and reputational impact associated with tax risks, and of course, the ATO’s recommended governance frameworks for tax functions and its expectations regarding board-level controls. This video explores the impact of these developments from the perspective of Board members.

Topical issues and developments in M&A video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Enzo COIA, Cameron BLACKWOOD,

  • This video covers topical issues and developments in M&A.

Keynote address – Economic update video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Noel Richards

  • This video covers an economic update.
  • This video covers: review the foundation principles from Sun Newspapers consider recent cases and rulings explore what constitutes a business discuss whether a one-off venture may be a profit-making undertaking on revenue account.

Property & super – Tips and traps video 1 CPD hours
Presented by Daniel BUTLER

  • This video covers: structures SMSF trustee services SMSF acquiring materials rent relief LRBAs. downsizer.

Dividends and capital management into the twenties video 1 CPD hours
Presented by David W MARKS

  • This video covers: Corporations Act and tax law dividends profits or s 254T – or both? frankable distributions capital reduction or share buyback – what is the difference anyway?

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