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A process to implement a tax reform agenda video

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Publication date: 31 Aug 11 | Source: NATIONAL DIVISION, THE TAX INSTITUTE

This video discusses the progress and achievements of the present parliament, policy debates about productivity, competition and jobs, and manufacturing, the dangers of protectionism, and unwarranted nervousness about China and India. It argues that the moral and economic challenge of our time is access and participation rates in education. Information and communication technology, natural resource management and industrial relations are seen as other areas that are critical for Australia. Much work needs to be done on Commonwealth–state–local government relations. On the Henry Review, the presenter believes that the tax reform debate is best approached with the assumption that every recommendation is worthwhile and should be discussed seriously. It is essential to assess every recommendation, applying a national interest test only. Finally, small and micro business should be given a voice in tax reform debate.

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A process to implement a tax reform agenda
Author(s):  Rob Oakeshott

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Rob Oakeshott
Rob is the Federal Member for Lyne.
Current at 01 September 2011 - Current at 27 September 2011
This was presented at The Great Tax Debate .

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