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The economics of tax reform – Are we taxed too little or too much? video

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Publication date: 23 Oct 14 | Source: NEW SOUTH WALES DIVISION, THE TAX INSTITUTE

This video covers the economics of tax reform – are we taxed too little or too much?

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The economics of tax reform – Are we taxed too little or too much
Author(s):  Greg SMITH

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Greg Smith
Greg is an Adjunct Professor at the Australian Catholic University and a Senior Fellow at the Melbourne Law School. He is also a member of the Commonwealth Grants Commission, CEDA Council on Economic Policy, and the Government's Specialist Reference Group on the Taxation of Multinational Enterprises in Australia. He was formerly a head of the Federal Treasury Revenue and Budget Groups, and a member of the 'Henry' Future Tax System Review panel. Greg has recently been appointed Chair of the Grants Commission. - Current at 14 August 2014
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This was presented at NSW Tax Symposium .

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