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The principles underpinning an efficient and equitable tax system video

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Publication date: 31 Aug 11 | Source: NATIONAL DIVISION, THE TAX INSTITUTE

This video discusses the principles which should underpin an efficient and equitable tax system. It says that any Australian Government intent on advancing genuine tax reform should be prepared to genuinely engage and reach agreement with state and territory governments about the federal/state financial relations implications of any tax reform. Based on this principle, the video argues that the taxes introduced by the present Commonwealth Government were not designed on the basis of good long-term public policy, but were designed to generate additional cash for the government quickly. These include alcohol taxation, the tax on the northwest shelf gas project, the increase in the luxury car tax, the mining and carbon taxes. The video argues that, having received the Henry Review report recommendations, the government should have engaged in proper, structured, open, transparent and inclusive consultation. Finally, it outlines the Coalition’s preferred approach to tax reform.

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The principles underpinning an efficient and equitable tax system
Author(s):  Mathias Cormann

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Mathias Cormann
Senator Cormann is the Shadow Assistant Treasurer and Shadow Minister for Financial Services and Superannuation and has served as the Chair of the Senate Scrutiny of New Taxes Committee. Prior to the 2010 Federal election he was the Shadow Minister for Employment Participation, Apprenticeships and Training as well as the Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Fuel and Energy. Before entering the Senate in June 2007 to represent the State of Western Australia, the Senator was a senior executive for West Australian health insurer HBF. - Current at 23 July 2013
This was presented at The Great Tax Debate .

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