Florence Chen, Barrister, on being bullish, breaking through barriers, and finding balance

18 Jun 2018 | Career progression, Profiles, Articles, Videos

Following her presentation at our 33rd National Convention, Florence spoke to The Tax Institute about her career in tax, challenges faced, work-life balance and more.

Mathew Chamberlain, EY Partner, on work-life balance and the advantages and disadvantages for women in the tax profession.

6 Jun 2018 | Articles, Career progression

We spoke with Mathew Chamberlain, Partner at EY, about the advantages and disadvantages for women in the tax profession and tips on achieving work-life balance.

Angelina Lagana on embracing your unique style and personality

16 May 2018 | Career progression

In this interview, Angelina Lagana, KPMG speaks about the attractions of a career in tax, work-life balance, and shares her advice to people just starting their career.

One-on-one with: Chika Narukawa, Head of Strategic Delivery at ANZ Japan

14 May 2018 | Leadership, Career progression

Chika Narukawa is ANZ Japan’s Head of Strategic Delivery, leader of their Women’s Initiative program.

Loreena Gillon on having it all

11 May 2018 | Career progression

Loreena shares advice for young women beginning their career in tax, how The Tax Institute’s network has helped support her throughout her career, and more.

Great female leaders throughout history

7 May 2018 | Leadership

Here are 8 women throughout history that have challenged norms and stood up to societal pressure, before their time.