An open letter: to the future female leaders of Australia

27 Apr 2018 | Articles, Leadership

Hear from two past alumnae on how The Dream Collective's Emerging Leaders Program has helped shaped them into stronger leaders both personally and professionally

Sarah Liu – It's time to move beyond hashtags

20 Apr 2018 | Articles, Gender Equality

The Dream Collective’s Founder & MD, Sarah Liu, suggests that, despite trending hashtags, the daily reality has changed little for women worldwide.

Jade Isaacs on the attractions of a tax career

17 Apr 2018 | Videos, Career progression

ATO Assistant Commissioner Jade Isaacs speaks about the attractions of a career in tax, work-life balance and her greatest career achievement.

It's never too late to take control of your career

13 Apr 2018 | Articles, Career progression

Leaders in Heels Managing Editor, Leanne Yong, explores what it takes to re-energise your career at any time in your life.

Marion Fulker on achieving gender equity

10 Apr 2018 | Videos, Gender Equality

In March, Committee for Perth CEO Marion Fulker participated in the discussion at The Tax Instiute’s ‘Achieving gender equity’ event at Curtin University.

Getting to know - en world senior recruiter Mayu Kusunose

6 Apr 2018 | Articles, Career progression

The Dream Collective recently spoke with Mayu Kusunose, senior recruiter with global talent solutions provider en world, about what you can do today to make it in Japan.