Archives - April 2018

An open letter: to the future female leaders of Australia

27 Apr 2018 | Articles, Leadership

Hear from two past alumnae on how The Dream Collective's Emerging Leaders Program has helped shaped them into stronger leaders both personally and professionally

Sarah Liu – It's time to move beyond hashtags

20 Apr 2018 | Articles, Gender Equality

The Dream Collective’s Founder & MD, Sarah Liu, suggests that, despite trending hashtags, the daily reality has changed little for women worldwide.

Jade Isaacs on the attractions of a tax career

17 Apr 2018 | Videos, Career progression

ATO Assistant Commissioner Jade Isaacs speaks about the attractions of a career in tax, work-life balance and her greatest career achievement.

It's never too late to take control of your career

13 Apr 2018 | Articles, Career progression

Leaders in Heels Managing Editor, Leanne Yong, explores what it takes to re-energise your career at any time in your life.

Marion Fulker on achieving gender equity

10 Apr 2018 | Videos, Gender Equality

In March, Committee for Perth CEO Marion Fulker participated in the discussion at The Tax Instiute’s ‘Achieving gender equity’ event at Curtin University.

Getting to know - en world senior recruiter Mayu Kusunose

6 Apr 2018 | Articles, Career progression

The Dream Collective recently spoke with Mayu Kusunose, senior recruiter with global talent solutions provider en world, about what you can do today to make it in Japan.

Faith Harako on gender equity at the ATO

4 Apr 2018 | Videos, Gender Equality

Assistant Commissioner Faith Harako spoke at The Tax Institute's 'Achieving gender equity' event in Perth about her experiences in forging a career as a woman in the ATO.