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Federal Budget Insights

Launching our first Federal Budget website

Giles Hurst, CEO

The Tax Institute 


Transcript, 14 March 2019: Comments on the upcoming Federal Budget 2019-20 

GILES HURST: It's a Federal Election year, it's Budget time. The Tax Institute is at the forefront of everything that's going on right now, and so it should be. We're here to represent you, our members. 

Because there is so much going on, you're going to need to be informed, you're going to need to be up to date. You can rely on The Tax Institute to do exactly that. 

I want to thank most of all, all of the members and all of the volunteers that give their time to The Tax Institute. It's because of the mass of energy and commitment that people bring to this organization that enables us to flex that muscle, for the profession, for the betterment of the entire tax community. 

The work that you've done in the lead-up to this year's election and also, of course, the all-important Budget that's coming up, has enabled us through our submission to put our best foot forward on your behalf. 

Furthermore, in support of the Budget, we have some very specific events that are going on. Possibly the most important and strategic of those is our Women in Tax luncheon that is linked directly, the day after the Budget, to that event. We urge any members that want to be part of that to come on board, and come and join us for what promises to be an amazing day. 

Of great excitement towards this year is the launch of a dedicated website in support of that Federal Budget. We're going to be showcasing the very best talent The Tax Institute has, with some great interviews with members that have played a big part in volunteering for us, some over many years, some more recently. 

We're also going to be allowing people to have a deep-dive analysis from Bob Deutsch on the night of the actual budget itself. 

There's going to be a series of things that we invest in terms of content sets, that you'll be able to draw on to make this a one-stop shop for the Federal Budget.