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Frequently Asked Questions

Tax Academy, powered by The Tax Institute is the home of the new way of learning in tax. It breaks down many barriers by delivering individuals tax content in small units, or micro-credentials, to optimise the way they absorb, synthesise and gain tax technical knowledge and skills. This digital learning experience maintains the technical excellence that is associated with The Tax Institute's learning offerings.

There are no prerequisites or formal entry requirements for any of the units. Some have assumed knowledge; this is outlined for each of the units.

Units are available at two different levels:

  • Professional units are designed for those new to the profession.
  • Advanced units are intended for learners at a foundational level or for generalist practitioners who need to further develop specific capabilities related to their professional development.

A unit at either level may be used to plug identified knowledge gaps.

The Professional units are designed to provide foundational knowledge, skills and competencies.

The Advanced units build on the Professional units and provide deeper knowledge, skills and competencies. 

Both Professional and Advanced units have been designed to take the average learner approximately 10 hours to complete.

Learners can claim 10 hours of structured continuing professional development for each unit they successfully complete.

There is no need to purchase any additional resources. Everything learners require to complete their unit is included in, or linked from within the online learning platform.

Each unit involves assessment activities that have been designed to give learners the confidence that they have grasped the core concepts of the unit and can apply them in real life scenarios.

The assessments are all multiple choice-based questions. Learners may access resources and references that may assist them whilst completing the assessment, there are no restrictions.

Once a learner has successfully completed a unit, they can claim their digital badge. On the Credly platform, badges provide secure and verified credentials that can be shared on websites, social media and on email signatures. Clicking on a badge reveals data on the awarding details and learning outcomes.

No. This is a service Tax Academy provides your learners, at no cost.

Learners will receive an email from Credly (the badge-issuer) notifying them of their new digital credential. If they already have an account on Credly's Acclaim Platform, they simply sign into their account to claim their badge. For those who will earn their first digital credential through Credly's Acclaim Platform, they will be guided through the necessary steps to create an account. Learners don't have time to claim their badge straight away. There is no time limit to claim or accept their badge.

For guidance on accepting and sharing badges, please visit Credly's Help Center.

Badges expire after three years from the date of issue, the metadata on each badge will state when it was issued.

While digital badges are image files, they are linked to metadata hosted on Credly’s platform. This link to verified data prevents the possibility of anyone mis-claiming a credential.