Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) Program

Your pathway to becoming a global leader in tax.



Program Overview

Skill your way to the world’s number one tax credential: the Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) designation. This internationally recognised and respected mark of technical excellence represents the highest level of professional standards.

Written, presented and assessed by practising tax experts, topics are relevant and immediately applicable. The program's tiered structure means that no matter what your experience level, you'll have the opportunity to develop and build the necessary skills to thrive in the modern business landscape and establish yourself as a prominent tax professional.

By successfully completing the CTA3 Advisory exam and meeting The Tax Institute's membership requirements, you gain the privilege of using the prestigious CTA post–nominals. This designation distinguishes you as a tax adviser of the highest calibre, equipped to provide the best tax advice to clients.

You'll learn
  • The key tax compliance requirements, principles and processes
  • How to manage complex tax compliance affairs and planning issues
  • Tax planning and advisory skills across different tax specialisations.


Gain the Graduate Certificate in Applied Tax Advisory in addition to the CTA designation

When you enrol in the Chartered Tax Adviser Program, provided you meet the entry requirements, you can also enrol in the Graduate Certificate in Applied Tax Advisory.
Achieve two program outcomes for completion of the same subjects, at no extra cost to you.

  • Subjects4
  • Credit Points18
  • LevelIntroductory - Advanced
  • Cost$1,885 - $2,355 per subject
  • CPD120 hours per subject
  • DeliveryOnline
  • Study Length1-2 years part-time
  • Study Periods3 per year

A Chartered Tax Adviser Program candidate should:

  1. When undertaking CTA3 Advisory, the final subject in the program, be eligible for Fellowship membership of The Tax Institute. Find out more about membership benefits and resources.
  2. Meet minimum English language requirements if the language of instruction for your 6 years of secondary education was not English. 
  3. Entry to CTA2A Advanced and CTA2B Advanced currently requires 12 months of relevant tax experience.
  4. Entry to CTA3 Advisory currently requires 36 months of relevant tax experience.


Example Program Structure (3 study periods per year):

  • First Study Period (12 weeks) CTA1
  • Second Study Period (12 weeks) CTA2A
  • Third Study Period (12 weeks) CTA2B
  • Final Study Period (12 weeks or 24 weeks) CTA3 Advisory*

*Certain combinations of subjects, up to two subjects per study period, are possible. Recognition for prior learning and Advanced Standing may be available (excluding CTA3 Advisory). *Note that to enrol in the CTA3 Advisory subject, 36 months of relevant Australian tax experience is required. 

All programs provide candidates with flexibility in the way they select and experience their learning. Different delivery modes (at the subject level) are available. Digital learning assets (micro-learning) covering key areas of the syllabus for each subject are provided to all candidates (other than Assessment-only).

  • Distance learning delivery involves self-directed learning utilising online learning assets and interactive sessions. 
  • Intensive delivery mode is typically a reduced period of candidate learning using either distance learning or intensive delivery modes (subject dependent). Candidates receive all the regular resources and access to online learning assets. 
  • Assessment-only delivery allows candidates to accelerate their studies by progressing directly to the online assessments for the subject based on prior study, qualifications and experience. 

Resources made available to a candidate (other than assessment-only delivery) vary by subject but generally include: 

  • A Subject Convenor - an experienced tax professional who candidates can email with tax-technical questions to help better understand the material presented. 

  • Presenters - who are experts in specific areas of tax and tax law.  

  • A Subject Coordinator - there to assist with any administrative or other non-tax technical queries. 

  • The Tax Institute Higher Education's Learning Management System enables candidates to access all subject materials online in one convenient place.  This includes but is not limited to an online timetable, calendar, forum posts that keep candidates updated on current subject events, orientation information, subject outlines, live and pre-recorded webinars, practice exams, online activities, revision materials, PDF module notes, and additional resources such as online units about searching for and interpreting legislation and case law. 

Your prior study and relevant work experience may mean you are eligible for subject exemptions in the CTA Program.

Candidates who have completed tax modules within their CAANZ or CPA Australia qualifications may be eligible for up to two exemptions in the CTA Program.

Evidence of your qualifications and work experience will need to be provided prior to your enrolment. Please email for individual advice. 

When undertaking CTA3 Advisory, the final subject in the program, candidates must be eligible for Fellow membership of The Tax Institute.


Fees are set on a subject by subject basis

Standard ATL subject enrolment fee $1,885.  Early bird discount $100.

Standard ATL subject enrolment fee is GST exempt.


Standard CTA3 Advisory subject enrolment fee $2,335. Early bird discount $100 

Standard CTA3 Advisory subject enrolment fee is inclusive of GST.


Assessment only subject enrolment fee $1,170.

Standard prices are valid until 11 August 2024.

Please refer to the Candidate Care Guide where you'll find information on our policies.