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For over 70 years, The Tax Institute has been at the forefront of the tax industry and linked with some of the leading businesses and professional firms across the country. Through our Business Alliance Partner program and advertising opportunities, make sure your message is heard by the biggest and brightest in the Industry. With access to 12,000 members and links to a further 35,000 tax professionals, we can tailor solutions to meet your business requirements.

Who are our members?

Our members are highly educated

  • 51% Bachelor Degree
  • 37% Post Graduate

Industry Representation

  • 70% Accounting Firms
  • 14% Corporation
  • 7% Legal
  • 6% Other
  • 3% Government

In fact the Tax Institute has direct links to over 6,500 Australian companies.


For general partnership and advertising enquiries, please contact 02 8223 0071 or email us.


Our growing range of information products – books, journals, online services and more – complement The Tax Institute's core membership offering.

We publish eight highly regarded annual book editions (in print and online format) in partnership with firms and individuals. These partnerships have been mutually beneficial and successfully executed since 2004. Proving profitable for these firms, our publishing arrangements not only deliver direct revenue from publication royalties, they can also increase your firm's exposure, standing and business.

As a niche, boutique publisher, one of our strengths is being nimble enough to identify and exploit the gaps in the market that larger publishers are unable to fill. Additionally, we're closely aligned with our market, and our responsiveness to the needs of the profession means we're quicker to exploit these gaps.

With very favourable terms for authors, often above the market benchmarks, we're also able to offer partnerships beyond the traditional publishing model. We'd be keen to discuss ways we can work together with you or your firm.

For general custom publishing enquiries, please contact 02 8223 0071 or email us.

Custom Publishing

The Tax Institute partners with accounting and legal firms of all sizes and specialities to deliver essential industry relevant content and insights direct to your audience's inbox.

We can also create content to suit your specific business or marketing need - be it on a tax-topic basis for your internal tax team, or an industry-specific basis for your clients.

Extend your brand and connect with your audience

Educate and engage employees, clients and other important stakeholders with your own branded, Tax Institute produced custom publications. Choose the format that works best for your audience:

  • Digital Magazines
  • Newsletters
  • Reports
  • Manuals
  • eBooks

Log-in pages, libraries and archives can all be co-branded to ensure seamless brand integration, creating a customised user experience that adds value to your organisation and enhances client engagement.

Let us do the work

From content supply and technical accuracy to design and distribution, The Tax Institute's expert team handle every aspect of publication.

Enquiry about partnering with The Tax Institute

For general custom publishing enquiries, please contact 02 8223 0071 or email us.