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About the Tax Knowledge eXchange Subscriber Newsletter

1.0 What is this newsletter?

This subscriber newsletter contains new materials (which you can access free – see 3.0 How do I get free access?) added to The Tax Institute’s Tax Knowledge eXchange over the past fortnight, including seminar and convention papers, videos, journal articles, and submissions.

Corresponding Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and MP3 podcasts are not listed, but can be browsed via the Tax Institute website once you’ve clicked on a link in the newsletter for a material such as a paper or, alternatively, comprehensive advanced search can be used to access materials.

2.0 Why am I receiving this newsletter?

You are receiving this newsletter because either you or your organisation:

  • has a Tax Knowledge eXchange subscription, or
  • has opted to receive this newsletter.

3.0 How do I get free access to materials in this newsletter?

To view materials for free, you (or your organisation) must have appropriate subscription/s and you must also be logged into the website.

NB: If you do not hold or wish to purchase a subscription, individual materials can be purchased via “Add to cart”.

Registration for a website login is free if you don’t already have one (please contact Membership if you have forgotten your details as creating duplicate accounts may cause issues).

The following subscriptions confer access to relevant content that may appear in the newsletter:

  • Tax Knowledge eXchange – papers, presentations, submissions, Taxation in Australia and the Tax Specialist journals
  • Online Books (optional) – not referenced by this newsletter
  • Online Research (optional) – Australian Tax forum journal and Australian Tax Research Foundation materials
  • Streaming Video (optional) – videos.

NB: The above list of entitlements is complete in terms of this newsletter but not necessarily in terms of everything each subscription offers.

For further information on Tax Knowledge eXchange and optional subscriptions, see 4.0 What is Tax Knowledge eXchange?.

4.0 What is Tax Knowledge eXchange?

Tax Knowledge eXchange is an information resource, comprising around of 22,000 materials dating back to 1996, prepared by industry experts, including event papers, PowerPoint presentations, podcasts, videos, journals and online books. For an overview of Tax Knowledge eXchange and related subscriptions, please see here or contact Membership.