3 key lessons for emerging tax leaders in 2023

Published: 24 Jul 2023


3 Emerging leaders

Whether you’re just getting started in your career, or just making a name for yourself after transitioning to a tax specialty, there are some key fundamentals every successful tax practitioner needs to know.

This year, the program at our biggest event, The Tax Summit, has been designed to raise a global lens to the way we work in tax. That applies to the fundamentals too – as you establish a strong base for your career, understanding how tax works across borders, how to work with large, multinational clients and how to work in an increasingly global, digital profession is key.

To help get you started, here are three key insights you need as an emerging tax leader – and where to learn about them.

1. How Australian tax works for your foreign resident clients

Various taxes at both a state and federal level are specifically targeted at non-Australian residents. When working with client who fall into this category, you need to consider Australian legislation and its interaction with various international agreements, including any relevant double tax agreements.

Where to start? Get across the taxation of foreign residents in Australia, inbound and outbound investments, determining residency, double tax agreements and more with Megan Bishop and Nik Sachdev from Holding Redlich, in Session 3.3: Australian tax for foreign residents.

2. The ABC’s of foreign hybrid mismatch rules

The foreign hybrid mismatch rules and the compliance burdens associated with them can be a practical challenge for organisations. Get back to basics to understand how these complex rules work so you can advise clients with confidence.

Join Robert James, FTI, from Mazars in Session 5.3: Foreign hybrid mismatch rules 101 for a rundown of easy-to-follow examples and case studies to get up to speed.

3. Applying CGT rollovers in M&A transactions

How well-versed are you in CGT rollovers and how they apply practically to mergers and acquisitions? Get a practical overview of this topic, that will help guide you through client work and technical challenges in accessing CGT rollovers.

Ned Galloway from SW Accountants & Advisors will explore this tricky area of tax through a number of recent M&A transactions in Session 6.3: Rollover Relief Roadmap: Merger Gains, Acquiring Tax Benefits!

4. BONUS: How to lead your team to success in the new world

With rapid development in technology, advisers of tomorrow (and today) need to develop a new, vastly different skill set, including understanding how to work in a technology driven environment.

Looking for a way to upskill your team and help the rising stars to thrive in this new world of work? Join Andy Hung and Rachael McLean, both from Wolters Kluwer, and Victoria Lanyon from King & Wood Mallesons in Session 4.3: Leadership in the new world, as they explore how tax leaders can encouraging colleagues to be agile as new technologies present themselves, and by ensuring continued professional development.

Ready to build on your tax expertise and boost your professional skills? Get your ticket to The Tax Summit today.