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5 corporate tax insights you need in 2023

Published: 18 Jul 2023


Corporate tax is a wide and varied discipline, with constantly evolving guidance, legislation and thought to keep on top of. What better way to ensure you’re up-to-date on important issues for your clients than at Australia’s biggest tax event?

This September, we’re deep diving into all things corporate tax at The Tax Summit. If you’re a corporate tax adviser or interested in getting into the space, here are 5 sessions you won’t want to miss.

1. Lessons from Aurizon and what's on the horizon?

Session 3.4 with Chris Peadon, FTI, New Chambers

Take a look at the Aurizon Holdings Limited case which considered the meaning of share capital and the importance of contemporaneous documentation to support capital funding transactions. Plus, the impact of recent and proposed amendments to tax law in the area of capital management on corporate capital management strategies.

2. What is a reasonably arguable position and how to arrive at one

Session 5.4 with Sue Williamson, CTA (Life), Holding Redlich

The consequences for making statements and taking positions to the ATO which are not reasonably arguable can be severe. Explore what a reasonably arguable position is, how to achieve it, needed evidence and why it’s so important to your client strategy.

3. Anti-Avoidance Rules – Where are we at?

Session 14.4 with Fiona Knight, CTA, Australian Taxation Office and Angelina Lagana, CTA, KPMG Law

Australia’s tax law has several anti-avoidance provisions and we have seen some significant developments in the past 12 months, in terms of recent cases, ATO practices and proposed new anti-avoidance rules. Get a bird’s eye view of the anti-avoidance landscape and practical insights and perspectives from both advisers and the ATO.

4. Pillar 2 – Where are we at?

Session 10.4 with Sam Humphris, EY and Hector Thompson, Australian Taxation Office

The OECD’s Pillar 2 journey continues, and Australia’s approach is in full swing. In this session we will explore the current status of Pillar 2 and provide details of the recent guidance. We will also hear on Australia’s journey towards Pillar 2 implementation and insights from the ATO.

5. Capital (+) or Deductible (-) employee expenses: Clough Engineering’s enduring last gasp

Session 17.4 with Denise Brotherton, BDO and Catherine Dean, CTA, BDO

The question of whether an employee expense is capital in nature or on revenue account is not always clear and is increasingly coming under spotlight before the Courts. Explore the key principles emerging from the Clough Limited decision, where the Full Federal Court added to the long-running history of revenue versus capital cases, and considered the deductibility of employee entitlements under sections 8-1 and 40-880.


Want more updates on corporate tax, plus the rest of the tax landscape? Join us at The Tax Summit to get your fill of tax technical insights.