Student Spotlight: An accessible way to obtain a postgraduate degree for working professionals

Written by: The Tax Institute

Published: 21 Feb 2023



The dux of Corporate Tax for Study Period 1 2022, Adrian Flego, discusses the practicality of the subject, what he found most interesting and that there are no shortcuts for great results. Adrian is a Tax Policy Advisor for Treasury.


Could you give us a brief background of your career in tax?

I have worked for the Australian Public Service for 12 years in various roles, including at the ATO, the Board of Taxation and at Treasury, where I am now.

Why did you choose to study with The Tax Institute Higher Education?

It seemed to be a course that would impart more practical skills and knowledge for a working professional than a university Masters. Also attractive was the accessible cost for an accredited postgraduate qualification.

What was the reason for undertaking this specific subject? 

This subject was an elective as part of the Graduate Diploma of Applied Tax Law and also of personal interest for technical skill and knowledge development.  

What skill or knowledge areas have you gained by undertaking this subject?

 To provide credible and informed advice on corporate tax matters.

What part of the subject did you find most interesting?

The most interesting aspect was the interaction of the rules for winding up/liquidations and the small business CGT concessions.  Also of interest was the oddity of the approach to the ‘restructure’ concept in the Demerger rules and its interaction with the anti-avoidance framework in section 45B of the ITAA 1936.

How did you juggle study, work and other commitments?

It required hard work and sacrifice on weekends and unfortunately, there are no shortcuts. One tip is to keep on top of the content on a weekly basis.

Where to now for you when it comes to continuing tax education?

Finish the Graduate Diploma in Applied Tax Law and gain the Chartered Tax Adviser designation.

 What advice do you have for other tax professionals considering the Graduate Diploma of Applied Tax Law?

I’m not a tax practitioner, but as someone involved in tax policy development, I have found the course invaluable for the practical knowledge and application to real-life scenarios and case studies. I would recommend anybody wanting more tangible, practical learning to undertake the course.


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