Student Spotlight: Deepening your tax knowledge to provide sound client advice

Written by: The Tax Institute

Published: 21 Feb 2023


Renae Wilson

The dux of Advanced Superannuation for Study Period 1 2022, Renae Wilson, shares how she has utilised her newfound knowledge and how online learning can make upskilling manageable with family and work commitments. Renae is a Technical Services Supervisor, at Politis Investment Strategies, NSW.


Could you give us a brief background of your tax career?

I started my career as a trainee accountant in 2003. I worked as an accountant for 16 years before I made a career change into financial planning. My accounting career involved working with small businesses and Self-Managed Superannuation Funds. I have been a financial planner for around three and a half years now and am enjoying the different aspects that financial planning offers.

Why did you choose to study with The Tax Institute Higher Education?

I attended a superannuation conference run by The Tax Institute a couple of years ago and enjoyed the way it was presented. When I looked into further studies, I found The Tax Institute’s online learning suited my family and work commitments.

What was the reason for undertaking the Advanced Superannuation subject?

I choose the Advanced Superannuation subject because it would deepen my knowledge and be beneficial in my role as a financial planner and Technical Services Supervisor.

What skill or knowledge areas have you gained from the Advanced Superannuation subject?

The Advanced Superannuation subject deepened my knowledge of superannuation as well provided new knowledge in areas that I previously had not had a lot of experience with, such as death benefits.

How have you applied the skill or knowledge learned to your current role?

As a financial adviser, superannuation is an area that is applicable to so many. Helping clients to navigate all areas of their superannuation funds including how death benefits and reversionary pensions work for their circumstances.

How did you juggle study, work and other commitments?

I was very lucky to have a great support system in place. I had a set time for studying but also time to relax and spend time with family.

  Where to now for you when it comes to continuing tax education?

I am awaiting results of my last subject within the Graduate Diploma of Applied Tax Law. Then I will have a well-earned study break!

What advice do you have for other tax professionals considering the Graduate Diploma of Applied Tax Law?

If you are considering the Graduate Diploma, I highly recommend it – it is a very practical qualification you can utilise in any tax advice role.


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