Advanced Superannuation

Gaining specialised skills with Advanced Superannuation

Written by: The Tax Institute

Published: 24 May 2024



Victoria Mercer, Associate at BusinessDEPOT Legal, achieved the prestigious title of Dux of Advanced Superannuation in Study Period 2, 2023.


Victoria’s journey into the intricate world of tax law and superannuation began with a Bachelor of Laws from Griffith University and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from Queensland University of Technology. Since embarking on her legal career in 2017, she has focused on wealth transfer and estate planning, gradually delving deeper into the complexities of taxation matters.

Victoria’s motivation 

“From the outset of my legal journey,” Victoria explains, “I found myself drawn to the complexities of self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs), recognising their pivotal role as key entities for motivated families seeking to accumulate and transfer wealth. This fascination has not only shaped my professional trajectory but has also driven me to continually deepen my expertise in superannuation matters.”

Victoria selected the Advanced Superannuation subject as an elective in her Graduate Diploma of Applied Tax Law. Speaking about her motivation, she stated, “This subject aligns with my professional aspirations to delve deeper into the intricate domain of superannuation law, specifically in relation to SMSFs, from a tax and accounting perspective.”

Gaining specialised skills

Through her studies, Victoria gained invaluable skills and knowledge in superannuation law, strategy, and compliance, particularly regarding SMSFs. “Undertaking this subject has given me a good grasp of superannuation law, strategy, and compliance, particularly in the context of SMSFs,” she said. Victoria emphasises that she applies this newfound knowledge daily in her role, ensuring compliance with relevant laws and strategically incorporating superannuation considerations into comprehensive estate plans.

The educational journey

Victoria said her experience studying at The Tax Institute Higher Education has been excellent. “The program has provided me with a good foundation for understanding taxation laws, various structures, and entities,” she remarked. The quality of education coupled with encouragement to delve into advanced topics has motivated her to pursue further programs with The Tax Institute in the future.

Balancing act: managing work, study, and life

Successfully managing the demands of work, study, and other commitments has not been easy for Victoria. “Studying during weekends and nights has allowed me to balance professional responsibilities with my academic pursuits,” she shared. Victoria credits her supportive employer, understanding family, and friends for helping her navigate the workload.

Future plans: continuing the journey

Looking ahead, Victoria plans to continue her tax education by considering the Chartered Tax Adviser Program, focusing on small business CGT concessions. Her advice to other tax professionals considering studying is not to fear the commitment to extra studies. “Find a balance between work, study, and personal life that works for you,” she advises, emphasising the importance of seeking support and networking with peers and mentors in the field.


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