9 ways Tax Academy helps upskill your tax team

Written by: The Tax Institute

Published: 2 Apr 2024



Responsible for upskilling your tax team? Professional development not only keeps your staff at the top of their game for your clients, but is a valuable factor in attracting – and keeping – talented, enthusiastic staff. 

Tax Academy has been designed to be your partner in transforming your team's expertise and navigating the ever-evolving Australian tax landscape. Here's why Tax Academy is the ideal choice for those seeking to elevate their team's skills:


1. Customised learning

Say goodbye to generic training – we're all about catering to the specific needs of your team. Each Tax Academy unit covers a specific topic, so you can choose and combine units to tailor your team’s learning experience to align with roles and professional goals. 


2. Flexibility for your team’s schedule

With units designed to take the average learner 10 hours to complete, Tax Academy fits your team’s busy schedule.

Need a set of skills quickly to complete a client project? Put a team member on the fast track to learning. A busy time of year coming up? Slow down the learning to focus on other priorities. You set the schedule, the pace and the start and finish times, so team members can learn when it fits your business.


3. Expert-driven content

Your team will learn from the best in the business, with content developed by tax experts and a learning experience developed by learning and education experts. The combination makes it simple for your team to not just understand but master the intricacies of the Australian tax system.


4. Tailored learning journeys

Whether your team needs a solid foundation in tax principles or specialised insights into corporate tax or trusts, Tax Academy empowers you to chart their unique learning path. There’s no need for a one-size-fits-all approach – it's flexible enough to address the specific needs of each of your team members.


5. Stress-free learning environment

As self-paced learning, Tax Academy takes the pressure off, allowing your team to concentrate on growth without unnecessary stress. No assessments, no set time or date for formal exams. Create an environment where learning is enjoyable, and your team can focus on honing their skills.


6. Recognisable achievements

When a team member successfully completes a unit, they earn a digital badge – a tangible symbol recognising their dedication and expertise. These badges hold verifiable data, showcasing your team's achievements to clients (and potential clients!).


7. Effective CPD compliance

Each unit contributes 10 hours of structured CPD, supporting your team's continuous professional development. Stay ahead of industry changes and build the bench strength of your team, all while ensuring your team meets CPD requirements.


8. Advanced learning for further development

Don’t stop at the basics. Advanced level Tax Academy units allow your team to deepen their expertise in crucial areas such as cross border tax integrity, partnerships, and company losses. Empower your team to confidently navigate complex scenarios with advanced learning opportunities.


9. Future-ready team learning

Tax isn’t static, and neither is your learning journey. With further units in development, Tax Academy is growing to encompass other topics to help your team grow and round out their tax expertise. Start today and position your team for success at the forefront of the evolving taxation landscape.


Tax Academy is your managerial toolkit for team development. It's flexible, expert-driven, and future-ready – a catalyst for unlocking your team's full potential in the dynamic world of Australian taxation. 

Dive in and set your team on the path to success with Tax Academy.

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