Student Spotlight: The program has given me a good technical toolkit to offer value-add solutions to clients


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This month we chatted to Vicky Tang, Tax Learning Designer at Tax Nuggets Academy and one of the duxes of CTA2B Advanced for Study Period 3 2021. She talks to us about the skills she has learned from the subject and how these have been applied to her past and present job roles.

Please tell us a bit about your tax career.

Prior to my current role, I worked for more than 5 years in business advisory services, looking after diverse portfolios of family groups and private enterprises. I started my career at Deloitte before joining Slomoi Immerman Partners in 2019 and have just switched gears to join Tax Nuggets Academy. I hold Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce degrees from the University of Auckland and am a Chartered Accountant with CA ANZ.

What skills and knowledge have you taken away from the CTA2B Advanced subject?

I took the subject as part of the Graduate Diploma of Applied Taw Law program. As this subject covered GST, FBT, Corporate Tax and International Tax, it was a great continuation from CTA2A Advanced in deepening my knowledge on these specific topics. I was particularly impressed that recent developments were included in the subject, such as the loss carry-back tax offset in the Corporate Tax section, which was timely and relevant to my clients.

Have you applied this new knowledge to your role?

Yes, definitely! Studying this subject has solidified my knowledge more holistically, which I have applied to developing accurate and useful tax learning content for Tax Nuggets Academy's subscribers. In my previous role, the program also gave me greater confidence when engaging with clients' tax problems, as I knew I had a good technical toolkit to offer value-add solutions. 

How did you juggle study, work and other commitments and perform so well?

It wasn't easy! But I had a wonderfully supportive team at Slomoi Immerman Partners and when the exam rolled around, they helped hold down the work front so I could focus on my studies. I’ve also gone through the CA Program with CA ANZ as well, so I have several years of helpful experience in juggling work and study. 

My best tip would be to plan in advance. On one hand, I knew the subject's deadlines, and on the other hand, I knew when work would get busy, so I was able to plan accordingly and avoid burning the candle at both ends. 

Where to now for you when it comes to continuing tax education?

I will be continuing my Graduate Diploma of Applied Tax Law journey, of course. After CTA2B Advanced I studied CommLaw 2 and I’m currently enrolled in Corporate Tax. 

What advice do you have for other tax professionals considering the Graduate Diploma of Applied Tax Law Program?

So far, the Graduate Diploma of Applied Tax Law has been incredibly useful, both in my previous roles advising clients and in my current role as a content developer. It's very practical and I would highly recommend it for those looking to increase the depth and breadth of their tax knowledge.


Are you ready to step into the role of giving professional advice? Eager to move into a management role? The CTA2B Advanced subject prepares you for professional advice-giving, with in-depth study of areas such as corporate tax, GST, FBT and international tax. Developed and delivered by experienced tax experts, you’ll discover how to locate the information you need to analyse complex factual scenarios. Interpret tax law to prepare client briefs. Evaluate alternative tax strategies and consider implications of your advice from a Part IV perspective.

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