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ConTax Newsletter

ConTax newsletter is a monthly e-newsletter that provides students with helpful tips and tricks to help you prepare for a career in the tax profession.


ConTax Student Newsletter

December 2016

  • Understanding the roles in the tax profession
  • Preparing for your job interview
  • Accepting a job offer - what you need to consider
  • Tips for professional email
ConTax Student Newsletter

August 2016

  • Life after university: what to expect from your new career
  • Are you making the right decision about your study mode?
  • Tax can take you to the top
  • 6 unlikely tips to help you train your memory
  • Achievements from an international student, Fei Han, in 7 years
ConTax Student Newsletter

July 2016

  • Keeping up to date on the latest tax news
  • 2016 training trends
  • Seven tips to leverage your training strategy
  • Vivian Wang’s life two years after graduating
ConTax Student Newsletter

June 2016

  • How to prepare for your first tax season
  • Learning beyond university: Taking your degree to the next level
  • 6 tips to a killer letter of advice
  • Juanita Sands compelling story about following your career dreams
ConTax Student Newsletter

May 2016

  • 5 skills you never thought were necessary for a tax career
  • How to select a tax speciality
  • 5 aspects to help you choose your ideal career
  • Tips and Tales: A Tax Student’s Life
  • A graduates journey to broadening his horizons
ConTax Student Newsletter

April 2016

  • 5 ways to enhance your digital footprint
  • A to-do list for first-year tax students
  • Free ebook: Where are they now?
  • Hear from a Tasmanian graduate
ConTax Student Newsletter

March 2016

  • Keeping up to date on the latest tax news
  • 2016 training trends
  • Seven tips to leverage your training strategy
  • Vivian Wang’s life two years after graduating
ConTax Student Newsletter

February 2016

  • Tools and tips to help you ace group assignments
  • What you need to know about mid-year intake
  • 5 ways to keep up to date on the latest tax news
  • A sneak peak into the life of our ‘Firm Champion;
ConTax Student Newsletter

January 2016

  • Four qualities of great leaders
  • Three ways to ace your first annual performance review
  • A helping hand up the career ladder
  • Advice and member insight from Elise Lee
ConTax Student Newsletter

October 2015

  • Uni's finished. Now what?
  • The X factor: Four ways to stand out in your firm
  • Is work-life balance really needed so early in your career?
  • Member profile: Lauren Whelan
ConTax Student Newsletter

September 2015

  • Career options for tax professionals
  • How to build your resume while you study
  • Which area of tax is right for you?
  • Member profile: Christine Palmer
ConTax Student Newsletter

August 2015

  • Building rapport with your colleagues
  • Sample exam question
  • Where can a career in tax take you?
  • Member profile: Abby Hinchcliffe
ConTax Student Newsletter

June 2015

  • Time-management tactics to try this EOFY
  • Sample exam question
  • Client Liaison: Dealing with your first EOFY
  • Member profile: Autumn Slavin
ConTax Student Newsletter

May 2015

  • Top tricks for nabbing your dream tax internship
  • Sample exam question
  • Future proofing your education
ConTax Student Newsletter

April 2015

  • A to-do list for first-year tax students
  • Sample exam question
  • How to prepare for your first tax season
  • Member profile: Josh Walding
ConTax Student Newsletter

March 2015

  • Turbocharge your career in 2015
  • Member profile: Juanita Sands
  • Four graduate attributes that make employers drool
  • Sample exam question
ConTax Student Newsletter

February 2015

  • Tax can take you to the top
  • Lifelong learning is the key to healthy earning
  • The key to acing group assignments
  • Member profile: Eve Starina
ConTax Student Newsletter

January 2015

  • What to expect in the year ahead
  • Five essential business skills to help you succeed
  • Are you ready to become your own boss?
  • How to negotiate your next promotion
ConTax Student Newsletter

December 2014

  • The benefits of on-the-job networking
  • Landing that graduate position
  • Public or private: which pathway are you suited to?
  • Surviving first day-it is
ConTax Student Newsletter

November 2014

  • Careers related article: Expanding your network and increasing your profile
  • Member profile: Reuben Bramanathan
  • Feature article: Shedding light on the two strands in Myer Emporium and related issues
  • Sample exam question
  • Five early career milestones to hit
ConTax Student Newsletter

September 2014

  • Careers related article: Job interviews… how to impress
  • Member profile: Mary Italiano
  • Member profile: Daniel Spaeth
  • Feature article: The super rich and tax: lifers or leaners?
ConTax Student Newsletter

July 2014

  • How to use your semester breaks to boost your career options
  • Surviving the semester: unlikely tricks to train your memory
  • CV writing advice: How to use language to highlight your strengths
  • Job trends for tax graduates
ConTax Student Newsletter

June 2014

  • Five ways to enhance your professional presence on social media
  • From study to practice - how to transition your uni experience into a career
  • Seven time-saving ways to search for a job
ConTax Student Newsletter

May 2014

  • Feature article: Accounting for UPEs
  • What else can you do with your law degree?
  • Member Profile - Tracy Williams

ConTax Student Newsletter

April 2014

  • Need-to-know presentation skills to boost your career
  • Small firm or corporation: What’s right for your tax career?
  • Lessons from high achievers in the tax profession
ConTax Student Newsletter

March 2014

  • Three big tax issues to watch out for in 2014
  • What's in store for tax professionals in 2014?
  • Understanding roles in the tax industry
ConTax Student Newsletter

February 2014

  • Feature article: Taxation of Trusts – The Problem of Aligning Concepts of Income
  • Six questions to ask at a career fair
  • Member Profile - Andrew Simpson
ConTax Student Newsletter

December 2013

  • An insider’s guide to getting a job in tax
  • Mapping your tax career for 2014 and beyond
  • Life after university: what to expect from your new career
ConTax Student Newsletter

November 2013

  • Feature Article: Post Implementation Reviews of Small Business Tax Reforms
  • Young Tax Practitioner: Profile - Matthew Andruchowycz
  • The best tax industry resources to keep you in the loop
ConTax Student Newsletter

October 2013

  • Feature Article: Should you do work experience this summer?
  • The life of a corporate tax professional: Ross Lyons, Rio Tinto
  • Tips to help you land a graduate job in tax
ConTax Student Newsletter

September 2013

  • Feature Article: GST and Property - What are Residential Premises? No Simple Answer by Sylvia Villios FTIA, University of Adelaide
  • The life of a corporate tax professional: Irene Yeung, PwC
  • Building a great student profile on LinkedIn
ConTax Student Newsletter

August 2013

  • Feature Article: What to expect in an entry-level tax position
  • Sample Exam Questions - Partnerships
  • Young Tax Practitioner Profile: Craig Marston Craig Marston works for Greenwoods & Freehills Pty Ltd
ConTax Student Newsletter

May 2013

  • Feature Article: The Institutional Framework of Taxation in Australia by Annette Morgan, Lecturer Taxation, Curtin Law School, Curtin University
  • Sample Exam Questions: Sample of an example question in Taxation 334 dealing with CGT small business concessions.
  • Young Tax Practitioner Profile: Ojas Gandhi, Moore Stephens Pty Ltd (Perth)
ConTax Student Newsletter

February 2013

  • Feature Article: Superannuation - pensions and death by Thalia Kalaboukas, CTA, Special Counsel, Bernie O'Sullivan Lawyers
  • Sample Exam Questions - Practice Question
  • Young Tax Practitioner Profile: Julia Farrell, Ruddicks

ConTax Student Newsletter

November 2012

  • Feature Article: Prescriptions for reform of Australia's superannuation tax concessions by Kerrie Sadiq - School of Accountancy - Queensland University of Technology
  • Sample Exam Questions by Tom Delany, CTA University of Southern Queensland
  • Young Tax Practitioner Profile: Michelle Lim, McCullough Robertson Lawyers
ConTax Student Newsletter

September 2012

  • Feature Article: GST and Property - Negative Gearing: Should we move towards the United Kingdom system? by Pasqualina Callea - Lecturer in Law - University of Adelaide
  • Sample Exam Questions by John Tretola, CTA - University of Adelaide
  • Young Tax Practitioner Profile: Adrian Miles Lawrence Cartland, Donaldson Walsh Lawyers
ConTax Student Newsletter

February 2012

  • Feature Article: GST and Property - The Windfall Granted To Students in High Court Decision Under Attack by New Legislation by Annette Morgan FTIA - Accountant at Curtin University
  • Sample Exam Questions by Ian Murray FTIA - Lawyer of Blake Dawson - Perth
  • Young Tax Practitioner Profile: Nathan Webb, Employer - M Squared & Associates Pty Ltd
ConTax Student Newsletter

July 2012

  • Feature Article: GST and Property - An Ordered Approach to the Tax Rules for Problem Solving in a First Australian Income Taxation Law Course can improve Student Performance by Dale Boccabella - Lecturer in Law from School of Taxation and Business Law, The University of New South Wales.
  • Sample Exam Questions. A sample exam question from The Tax Institute's Certificate in Foundation Tax course.
  • Young Tax Practitioner Profile: Amy Waterhouse, Nexia Court & Co ('Nexia Court')