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ConTax Newsletter - April 2014

Small firm or corporation: What’s right for your tax career?

Taking that very first step in your tax career requires many decisions. One of the most important is whether your initial role should be with a small firm or a corporation.

There are countless firms that can provide you with your first foray into the tax world, and the size of the business can be a clue to the type of workplace you can expect. Here are some general guidelines.

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Need-to-know presentation skills to boost your career

A well-presented idea, argument or paper has the best chance of being received in the way you intended. What presentation skills do you need to optimise your position?

The way you present yourself, your work and your ideas will colour how your abilities are viewed in the workplace. Give your career the best chance by honing your presentation skills at the beginning of your career.

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The road less travelled: Tax and sport

Cameron Barber is the director of MGI South Queensland. His clients include high-wealth individuals, small to medium enterprises and consolidated groups, and he has a special interest in family owned and operated businesses.

In addition to industries such as property, building and construction, retail and hospitality, Cameron specialises in providing tax advice to professionals in the sports sector.

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The essentials of professional email etiquette

You only have one chance at a first impression as your tax career advances, and if that chance comes via email you’ll need to know how to conduct correspondence in a professional manner.

Whether you’re applying for a job, work experience or a position in a graduate program, chances are your initial contact will be via email. These days, cover letters, requests and applications are often conducted in writing to be delivered to the recipient’s inbox.

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Lessons from high achievers in the tax profession

Last month, The Tax Institute celebrated three high achievers at the Tax Adviser of the Year Awards. What can you learn from them?

The Tax Adviser of the Year Awards honours three members of The Tax Institute at various stages of their careers. They exercise best practice and show excellence in their role as a tax professional. However, it’s not enough to be good at your job. These three winners go above and beyond in various ways. Here are some lessons to take on board for your career.

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