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ConTax Newsletter - December 2014

The benefits of on-the-job networking

Most job-networking advice follows the same script: hit the pavement, connect with industry peers on social media, get yourself known. But what can you do to advance your career without jumping ship. Here are five tips on how to get all the benefits of networking without leaving your current company.

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Landing that graduate position

So you’re hunting for that elusive graduate position, wondering what employers in the tax industry want and how can you impress them. Here are three pieces of advice, plus some career words of wisdom straight from the horse’s mouth.

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Public or private: which pathway are you suited to?

A key decision for accountants and tax advisors early in their careers is whether to choose corporate or public practice. Deciding between the two really comes down to what motivates you in the workplace and how well you think the two career types would suit your personality.

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Surviving first day-it is

Landed your first part-time summer job or work-experience position at a tax and accounting firm, and nervous about settling in? Don’t worry – that feeling is totally normal. Here’s a survival guide on how to make a great impression in your first week.

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