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ConTax Newsletter - July 2014

How to use semester holidays to boost your career

You don’t need to veg out to relax. Doing something different can be just as effective. Why not use the time to help your future career?

Ever heard the expression “change is as good as a rest”? In short, it means learning new things can be a great distraction from the semester you’ve just been through, equating to a holiday. You can use this time to catch up on bad TV, or you can make a small investment towards your career or internship prospects.

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Surviving the semester: unlikely tricks to train your memory

Your studies can feel like an overload of information with only a fraction of it becoming knowledge. Retain more with these six tricks to train your memory.

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CV writing advice: How to use language to highlight your strengths

You have a wealth of new knowledge alongside a catalogue of desirable attributes – everything you need to earn the job of your dreams. Transcribing these assets to paper, however, can be daunting.

Language sets the framework for how you present yourself to a potential new employer. Here are a few dos and don’ts to make sure this important document promotes your best attributes.

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Job trends for tax graduates

At the turn of the financial year, the short-term trend for jobs is usually accountancy based. What are the long-term trends tax graduates should heed?

Mid-year is always a busy time for tax professionals as individuals and organisations work to sort out their tax affairs following the turn of the financial year. As a result, tax graduates looking for work will find that tax accountancy roles are plentiful, ranging from filing individual tax returns to assisting larger businesses by joining corporate tax teams.

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