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ConTax Newsletter - March 2014

Five survival tips for university students

Prying yourself away from the beach, off the couch or out of bed early enough to make it to uni after a holiday or study break can be a real challenge. If you’re heading back to uni this semester, here’s a quick guide to help you get the most from your time on campus.

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What's in store for tax professionals in 2014?

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes, wrote Benjamin Franklin. And because of this, a career focused on tax will always be a stable one. This year, however, expect an upward curve and a diversity of roles.

According to the Australian Government's Job Outlook, roles for accountants, economists, and policy analysts are expected to grow strongly over the next five years due to a number of factors.

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Understanding roles in the tax industry

What can you expect of a role in the tax industry? Using this snapshot you’ll be able to see if a career in the tax sector is for you.

The tax industry is a broad and important one. Because tax affects everything we do, Australia requires tax professionals to ensure individuals, businesses and governments are well served by the tax system.

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Three big tax issues to watch out for in 2014

The tax industry is always changing, with new legislation constantly on the cards. Find out what the big issues will be for 2014.

As long as there is government, there will be taxation. Yet despite this constancy, the tax industry is constantly changing. It will be no different in 2014 as government-led tax reform and shifts in the industry make their mark.

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The best graduate programs to start a tax career

Graduate programs are an excellent way to start your career in a work environment built for learning. Here are some programs you might consider applying for.

Graduate programs are designed to orientate and develop candidates in an environment catered for their skills and knowledge, but they are also sympathetic to the fact they may be unfamiliar with the workplace.

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