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ConTax Newsletter - November 2014

Careers related article: Expanding your network and increasing your profile

Contributed by Jessie Nguyen

Establishing a professional network is an important part of developing a career. There are many ways that this network can be developed – connecting via social media, such as Linkedin, or face-to-face meetings at networking events. Each contact can be an opportunity to build your professional image.
I started my career whilst still studying for my undergraduate degree at university and was able to establish contacts that enabled me to start a full time role in a professional services firm upon completion of my degree.

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Member profile: Reuben Bramanathan

Name: Reuben Bramanathan
Employer: Adroit Lawyers
Position: Senior Lawyer
Short bio: I advise SME clients on almost all aspects of tax law and represent them in disputes with the revenue authorities. My areas of focus include Division 7A, CGT including rollovers and small business concessions, ESOPs and the taxation of trusts. I also have the opportunity to work in emerging areas including crowdfunding and Bitcoin. I have represented a range of clients including individuals, SMEs and a number of listed and international companies, but my focus and passion is helping startups and small businesses to grow.

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Feature article: Shedding light on the two strands in Myer Emporium and related issues

Contributed by Associate Professor Dale Boccabella, The University of New South Wales and Elen Seymour, University of Western Sydney

Many students of tax, tax academics (including the authors), tax practitioners and tax judges1 find the decision in FCT v The Myer Emporium Ltd (Myer)2 difficult and problematic. With the passing of time and helpful insights from the judiciary in subsequent “isolated transactions” cases and Australian Taxation Office (ATO) rulings though, the scope of the principles or doctrines in Myer have become a lot clearer.

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Sample exam question 

Contributed by Associate Professor Dale Boccabella, The University of New South Wales

Grace, aged 54, has worked for the Commonwealth Department of Social Security (DSS) for 22-years as a clerk. Grace also owns a three-bedroom rental property in the Sydney suburb of Ryde. The rent charged to tenants is $2,000 per month. The Ryde property is one of two rental properties that Grace owns. The Ryde property was purchased back in June 1984 for $78,000. The property is now worth $490,000. The second rental property (Epping property) was purchased in July 1995 for $280,000 and is now worth $670,000. Rent from this property is currently $2,400 per month.

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Five early career milestones to hit

It’s never too early to start identifying or striving to reach career milestones. Here are five classic career goals you should aim to achieve during your first few years as a graduate.

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